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Is your business getting the most out of its technology?

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When it comes to embracing new technologies in the workplace, British businesses are usually at the forefront of big breakthroughs.

However many enterprises are still not fully realising the full potential of new digital processes and ways of working.

That's according to Wipro Digital, the design technology arm of global technology giant Wipro, which believes that the benefits of design thinking and workplace transformation can greatly transform all kinds of enterprise.

"It's one thing implementing digital platforms, but it's another to actually get value out of them," Andy Coghlan, digital strategy & digital marketing business head at Wipro Digital, told ITProPortal

"The word digital transformation is a bit of a misnomer," he added, "The reality is, it's business transformation, digital technologies, platforms, but as much as anything, the different ways of working can help transform your business."

Wipro Digital works with some of the world's biggest companies, including the likes of Apple and Nike, meaning that Coghlan and his team are well-placed to see the effects of digital technology first hand.

However, he notes that not all businesses are as keen as others, especially those where there is a lack of communication or cohesion within the C-suite.

Big businesses, which Coghlan notes often have, "a lot of desire...but also a lot of muscle memory," often pose the biggest challenge for WiPro. But getting the executive side of a business can often be the biggest challenge - and also the best way to make change happen.

"There are some difficulties...if (the workplace transformation) is not owned and driven by the CEO, and has the finance and procurement all in line," he notes. "If it's owned by the CIO, then it can be successful, but you are trying to reverse integrate the business to get them to work in a different way."

"We're winning some assignments now where the first task is winning the hearts and minds of the C-suite, and get them to understand the potential...everyone knows that we've got the new age of technologies...but the only way you're going to be able to exploit those is if you have business transformation capability that's actually going to change the way you work."

So how can businesses look to get on board with the next stage of their digital development?

"The only way to exploit change is to have a business model that allows change in the ways of working," Coghlan notes.

"But one of the problems is the word transformation, as this suggests an end state - when actually, at the moment, the digital age we're in is very evolutionary. Having an end state means that you're probably not looking at how you can improve the way that you work and use technologies."

Michael Moore
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