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Juniper Networks: Network complexity is the problem, and we are the solution

As more and more companies expand their cloud presence, the need for an easy way to manage and oversee their online policies is paramount, with unnecessary tools and services often clogging up IT teams.

Juniper Networks, which works with a huge range of top firms around the world, is looking to fix this issue with a drive towards what it calls self-driving networks - platforms that are able to use AI technology to constantly monitor their processes and manage changes when needed.

Speaking at its EMEA media summit in London this week, CEO Rami Rahim stated that Juniper Networks was declaring war on undue networking complexity and hurdles to make it simpler and easier for all businesses to monitor their systems. 

"Complexity costs billions of dollars, and tens of thousands of hours of lost productivity, and exposes us to security risks, and trap talent that's stuck in keeping the lights on rather than innovating in ways that prevent their enterprise from being disrupted by younger upstarts - it downright cripples some companies. It truly is the new hard problem to solve in IT."

"Achieving simplicity is not easy at all, it is one of the most difficult challenges to can't really destroy or remove complexity, you can only shift it"

"Complexity is on the wrong side of change in this industry....but simplicity starts with engineering."

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A large part of Juniper Networks’ drive to combat complexity and drive simplicity concerns what Rahim called “intent-driven networks”. The company identified that for many businesses looking to expand their cloud presence today, there is often no easy way to connect together multiple cloud platforms. This need to simplify policies across private and public cloud is “necessarily a complicated problem”, Rahim notes, and one that the company is focused on solving.

"People want a simple solution that defines their policies in an abstract, business-oriented way, and then have automation translate that policy within seconds across all their cloud platforms, wherever they might be," he noted.

Rahim compared the networking problem to a normal household toaster, where the infrastructure is all hidden away, but still provides something everyone wants.

"This problem is not yet solved, or has not yet been solved well...and this is the mission we're on today as a company," he stated.

"We've always excelled at solving the most difficult...but also the most meaningful problems in our industry."

"The challenges of today are really around managing complexity - the real opportunity is around the pursuit of simplicity...networks have become too complex, fragile and just difficult to manage - this could be this industry's biggest challenge to date."

Overall, Rahim identified the need for cloud transformation as "the biggest trend in our industry today”, and one that was necessitating a significant shift in Juniper Networks’ overlying activity going forward.

“It touches pretty much everything we're doing today as a company," he added, noting that, "we're shaping our strategy as a company to align to this cloud transformation that is happening."

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