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Making the most of roaming: Top tips for businesses

Mobility is now an essential component of business success. Thanks to our ever-increasing reliance on connectivity for laptops and mobile devices, that much has become clear.

Businesses are expected to be more productive than ever and employees now expect to have access to the same level of connectivity wherever they are, whether that is for working outside the office, travelling to and from meetings or for business trips abroad.

This means businesses need to be on the ball when it comes to roaming regulations and the mobile packages on offer from providers such as EE. With that in mind, here are some top tips to help businesses make the most of roaming.

Travel plans – Do your homework

More and more telecoms firms are now providing business travel plans to accommodate the rise of the mobile worker. Roaming add-ons are becoming a key business requirement to help employees maximise their productivity when travelling.

There are a huge variety of roaming plans on offer for businesses of all sizes, allowing organisations to find the best deal that suits them and stay in control of their employees roaming costs. EE Euro Pass, for example, has everything covered in one package, providing unlimited standard roaming calls and texts in Europe, plus 500MB of roaming data for £3.33 (excl. VAT) a day. Users will only be charged on the days they use their phone in Europe and there won’t be any unexpected bills as you can’t run over the data limit. If you do need more data, a Euro Data Pass can be purchased, costing £2.50 (excluding VAT) for 75MB or £4.17 (excluding VAT) for 150MB to use until midnight UK time that day.

In addition, EE’s Business Extra plans are built without boundaries in the EU, so you can use your allowances when travelling in the EU – Including up to 15GB of data on some plans plus your unlimited minutes and texts. Business Extra plans also include 180mins and texts to the EU from the UK, truly enabling you to run your business just the way you need to. The £100 Business Extra+ all-inclusive plan includes calls and text allowances from a range of countries outside of Europe – including Australia, Canada, China and New Zealand – and Business Connect plans let you share roaming minutes and texts across multiple devices.

Different needs, different devices

Speaking of devices, it’s not only smartphones that are providing new opportunities and increased levels of productivity for businesses. Tablets are becoming vital workplace tools and many devices can now have SIM cards added to enable connectivity when WiFi is not available.

This is where EE’s Business Connect plan comes in, enabling businesses to choose from a range of devices and share minutes, texts and data across multiple users. Digital marketing agency Digital Next is a great example of a company doing exactly that. Justin Blackhurst, the company’s CEO, said: The Business Connect plan means our business can remain flexible. We can add more people, phones, SIMs, mobile WiFi and tablets whenever we want to.”

Different devices will suit different businesses, so it’s important to think about the specific needs of your employees. By getting the right variation of devices, employees will be empowered to be more productive both at home and abroad.

Top tips

As well as the range of plans available, there are also some best practice guidelines for businesses to be aware of. For example, employees should be encouraged to make use of free WiFi wherever possible and avoid data-heavy services such as video and music streaming, both of which can help to reduce costs.

Along with this, employees should be encouraged to think about the apps they are using when abroad. Voice over IP (VOIP) apps, and mobile messaging apps can help to keep costs down and make your data last longer. Finally, organisations should make sure that contracts and plans are reviewed every few months, as the needs of the business may have changed significantly in that time.

It’s clear that an increased level of mobility can provide several advantages for businesses of all sizes and, thanks to the variety of options on offer from providers such as EE, it can become a strength rather than a hindrance.

By carrying out thorough research on the range of plans available, getting the right mix of devices to suit specific business needs and following some simple best practice guidelines, employees can make the most of roaming and take their businesses to the next level.

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Plans: Subject to credit check & business registration. Prices exclude VAT of 20%. Minimum term applies to all plans. For Business Connect, at least one connection must be on a 12, 24 or 36 month minimum term, and each connection on the account will be subject to its own minimum term. Other terms apply, see and our EE Small Business Price Guide for list of included countries in roaming/international options.