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Microsoft and Dell team up to simplify IoT deployment

(Image credit: Image Credit: Melpomene / Shutterstock)

Microsoft and Dell Technologies are teaming up help their customers simplify the deployment of their end-to-end IoT solutions, the two companies announced on Wednesday.

They are delivering a joint IoT solution, which will combine Azure apps and services, VMware Pulse IoT Centre and Dell Edge Gateways. That way, customers will get “streamlined management, centralized monitoring and security from devices to the cloud”.

The two companies are saying their new offering will help organisations in scenarios like predictive maintenance or supply chain visibility.

Azure IoT Edge will provide cloud intelligence, VMware Pulse IoT Centre will provide management and monitoring of edge services, while Dell Edge Gateways will provide connectivity for a variety of wired and wireless devices.

"When we unveiled the Dell Technologies IoT division last fall, we committed to leaning on the Dell Technologies family of businesses to engineer the right solutions to meet customer needs in conjunction with our partner ecosystem. This collaboration will enable customers to implement IoT more seamlessly, for better and faster ROI”, said Chris Wolff, head of OEM and IOT GTM, Dell EMC.

There were no details on pricing, and when it comes to availability, the two companies are saying the IoT solution should be available in the second half of 2018.

“When businesses deploy secure intelligent edge to cloud solutions, they can take full advantage of the digital transformation opportunities IoT represents. By delivering this integrated edge to cloud solution, Microsoft and Dell technologies  are making it easier for customers to empower their employees, optimize operations and reimagine their products, services or even business models”, concluded Ruston Panabaker, vice president IoT Solutions, Microsoft.

 Image Credit: Melpomene / Shutterstock