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Moving your office management into a mobile multiservice platform

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We are truly in the era of mobile business. In the fight to gain, or regain, a competitive edge, digital transformation seems to be the weapon of choice. The introduction of mobile platforms and cloud based technology has forced businesses to make a choice: digitize or die out.

Thus, digital platforms have surged forward, shaping new operating models in areas such as finance, marketing, and HR. The race to streamline and evolve with the pace of technology has resulted in a plethora of mobile services to give your company an edge over the rest. Platforms such as Xero or Quickbooks (finance), Marketo or Hubspot (marketing) and Fiverr or Hired (recruitment) allow you to run different areas of your business from anywhere at any time.   

While mobile technology has transformed many areas of business operation, managing the day to day running of the office remains relatively unchanged. As we take advantage of everything mobile technology has to offer, it’s important to integrate these tools into all business foundations or risk being left behind.

Why office management is lagging behind

We are amid a digital revolution, however there’s no denying certain areas of operation remain archaic. While segments of HR activity receive their digital facelift: recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training for example, office management is left in a state of suspension.    

Thus, the day to day running of the office is still carried out in a quite old fashioned way, which means modern service platforms are not used to run the office. Often, the office manager handles multiple areas of the business and their daily tasks can include ordering office materials through multiple suppliers, dealing with tons of paperwork related with invoices, filling and planning to coordinate future orders, whilst always on the look for best offers to keep the costs low. 

This antiquated approach means office duties remain time consuming and laborious, converse to everything the modern business it trying to achieve. If mobility and streamlined operations is the goal, it seems rather counterintuitive to upgrade some areas of operation and not others. Therefore, businesses need to translate this objective across all areas to remain competitive, attractive, and innovative.

What are mobile multiservice platforms?   

Mobile multiservice platforms incorporate all the services your business may require in one central application, usually taking shape through an App or cloud based software. This use of mobile and cloud technology provides managers with the autonomy to run the multiple factions of their business on the go.

At their core, these platforms have one key objective, save your business time, in turn saving your business money. The services are designed to streamline and automate processes that would have been completed manually otherwise. For example, the evolution of financial software has seen businesses move from manually entering and calculating expenditure, to the click of a button for inventory updates, invoicing, expenses, purchases and so on.   

Why are businesses moving into mobile multiservice platforms?   

The move towards multiservice platforms can be traced back to one overarching business objective: increase efficiency and reduce costs. The introduction of the internet, cloud based technology and mobile working has set the pace at which businesses are expected to operate, subsequently shifting business demands towards time saving tools. Not only do business require their chosen services to increase productivity, they also need these platforms to be flexible, mobile, and of course within budget. Multiservice platforms are geared towards these changing demands, making them the perfect solution for a growing number of business, startups and entrepreneurs.   

The future of office management

As the demand for mobile business solutions continue to grow, so does the variety of platforms available. Office management, is the latest in a line of business areas to receive a digital transformation or upgrade. Newly established Service Partner One is one such example, providing mobile office management solutions to businesses around the globe.   

Centralising requirements such as ordering office supplies, the purchasing of food and drink and coordinating office cleaning, amongst others, is the next stage in creating an integrated and mobile business environment. The success of earlier multiservice platforms, has seen the later solutions rapidly adopted by revolutionaries such as Spotify, Twitter, WeWork and Expedia. Consequently, their popularity has increased, with businesses of all shapes and sizes benefiting from these solutions. 

Benefits of a mobile multiservice platform for your office management 

Implementing a mobile multiservice platform for your office management can result in a variety of advantages for both your business and its employees.   

Save time and money – As discussed, the importance of efficiency and productivity in the current business landscape is paramount and multiservice solutions target the internal operation of your business, making daily processes as effective as they can be.   

Thus, a centralised approach to running and managing the office day to day, saves both time and money, while increasing productivity.   

Maximise employee time - Adopting these services reduces the time employees use completing tasks that don’t create revenue for the business, for example office duties, organisation and planning. Consequently, these platforms increase the time available to spend on more profitable endeavors such as adding value to client or customer experiences. This creates a positive and happy workplace for both employers and employees alike.   

Increase personal development - Consolidating your office management into one service, reduces the time your office manager spends budgeting, organising and filing, tracking and planning multiple suppliers. This time can be better allocated on areas such as personal development and training. It’s important to give employees something to strive for and upskilling is an important part of this process.   

Add value – By getting your office professionally cleaned through a multiservice platform, you are maintaining the value of the space. This is an important factor when planning to move offices, as it reduces the risk of expenditure on future repairs and cleaning.   

In the not too distant past, moving your office management to a multiservice platform may have felt like an unnecessary extra. The introduction of mobile working and cloud based technology however, has fundamentally changed the way we run our businesses. Inevitably, office management solutions is the next phase of a truly integrated and more efficient workplace. 

Image Credit: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

Sven Hock
Sven Hock founded Service Partner ONE in Berlin in May 2015. Today, the company caters to over 40,000 people in over 700 offices across Europe every day, supplying them with all the products and services that a modern office needs. Everything can be managed digitally and checked in real-time.