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Must-have features of an online grocery shopping mobile app

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According to a Nielsen report, one-quarter of people use mobile apps for buying grocery online, and more than half are willing to do it in the future. To meet the growing usage of mobile apps, grocery mobile app development has gained huge momentum.

With growing sales of online grocery, there is no denying that the usage of mobile apps will continue to rise in the future as well. With mobile apps, customers can buy groceries anytime, anywhere and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Mobile apps provide customers' a great user experience and save their time. Thus, they can be used by businesses to reach new markets and audiences. Moreover, developing a mobile grocery app is the need of the hour, since it connects the customers with online store 24/7. Besides such an increasing preference for mobile apps, customers only want to use apps that are easy to use & navigate. In this post, I am going to share the list of features that a grocery mobile app must have in order to make their customer’s online shopping experience seamless and hassle-free.

Some of the must-have features for a grocery mobile app are listed below:

Cart sharing & shopping list

This is an excellent feature for increasing cart value and reducing cart abandonment rates. Through cart sharing feature, customers can share their shopping cart with their friends and family.

Additionally, a shopping list feature is one of the most highlighted features in a grocery shopping delivery app. With the shopping list feature, customers can make a list of products they are looking to buy it. Customers can use the same list while doing shopping in the future by adding or deleting a few items.

Faceted search narrows down the options customers are searching for, without making them guess through the catalogue descriptions. Customers can search the products by typing keywords or phrases into the search box without navigating it through the entire app. Besides impressive auto-suggest features, your website can also have the functionality of adding products to the cart from search listing with just one click

Push notifications

To provide the customer with latest deals and offers the mobile app must be enabled for push notifications. Through these notifications or mobile alerts, customers get aware of the latest coupons, flash sales and it makes users take an action. Push notifications is a very exciting feature which helps your online store to engage with your current customers. If you have the multi-stores in different locations, then building a geo-enable app will help the customers to locate you easily.

Order tracking and status:

Nowadays customers want their orders in just a few days and to keep them updated about their order, order tracking and status feature play an important role. Through the real-time tracking feature, you can send push notifications to your customers when their product is going to be delivered and which logistic company is going to deliver the product and the contact details of that logistic company.

Coupon codes & special deals:

Who won’t like the special attention, similarly if you are giving coupon codes to your customers on their every purchase, it will make them happy and encourage them to purchase more. According to stats shared by Invesprco team, 31 million coupons will be redeemed worldwide in 2019 and 62 per cent smartphone users are likely to use digital coupons in the future. Additionally, giving special deals on festivals or running contents are proved strategies to increase sales on your online grocery mobile app.

Signup with social media and mobile number

Today, customers do not like to fill the long sign-up forms while registration. Giving instant access to customers through social media profiles have been a great way to retain more customers and increase the number of visits to your online grocery mobile app. Furthermore, there are some customers who hesitate to sign up with social media due to security or privacy reasons, for such customers giving them an option of one-click signup form with email or mobile number is a better idea.

Reviews and ratings

With reviews and rating system, customers can share their feedback to the products they have bought. Additionally, user-generated content such as customer’s reviews, comments, discussions type of content act as social proof and which will help to get more sales. Even, you can share your happy customers’ reviews on your social profiles to build trust among users for your product.

Product comparisons

The price comparison is another feature which is very much required in a grocery shopping app as most of the consumers begin their shopping by researching and comparing products, prices, quality etc. This feature allows customers to find products without making them leave the app.

Secure and multiple payment options

Usually buying grocery is a routine task, for providing customers an unparalleled convenience grocery mobile must have multiple and secure payment methods. You should allow your customers to pay by cash, credit & debit cards, digital wallets, PayPal, Net banking, etc. Moreover, in order to create loyalty among your consumers, you can also have a feature like virtual points, which act as rewards points for purchases.

All these features play a vital role in every grocery mobile app. Hence, any entrepreneur or business owner thinking of getting a grocery mobile app developed should concentrate on all these features. Growcer is a turnkey solution which has all the aforementioned features. It is the perfect ecommerce software platform to launch a grocery mobile app. So, enter into this growing industry with a right technology solution and become the next BigBasket, Grofers, or Bigoven in the online grocery industry.

Ankush Mahajan, senior digital marketer, FATbit Technologies
Image Credit: Syda Productions / Shutterstock