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Projecting a bright future with AV

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What do home theatres, meeting rooms, large venues and education have in common? On the face of it, you would think ‘not much’. However, a more determined effort to join the dots between these seemingly disparate groups will reveal that the common denominator is AV solutions. Given how easy they are to now install and use, I think they are soon set to be as ubiquitous in homes, offices and public places as routers are today.

A better way to learn

There are many drivers for this anticipated demand. In education, AV and IT have become the backbone of almost every education institution and every lesson. With education institutions under pressure to ensure that they hit their performance targets, they are increasingly looking to AV and IT solutions to help them – and their students – make the grade. Indeed, it is widely accepted by many education professionals that interactivity aids the learning experience, helping students to retain knowledge and grasp concepts more easily while stimulating thoughts and in-class debates. In response to this, modern projector devices have evolved to not only become an integral part of an IT network, but can also be turned into collaborative solutions that can wirelessly accept and project content from students’ smartphones, laptops and notebook computers. Vivitek’s NovoConnect solution even includes a teacher preview of the student’s screen and voting and polling that can be sent out to all connected students for even more interaction.

Why AV makes business better

The business world has equally challenging AV requirements and many of these can be addressed by Vivitek’s NovoEnterprise, a wireless presentation and collaboration device, designed for modern interactive meeting room activities. In short, it makes it easy to share content from the multitude of digital devices that people carry with them today into a boardroom. NovoEnterprise supports true screen mirroring from iOS and Android devices. It features moderator control, 4-to-1 projection, video streaming, instant response system (IRS), file sharing, and access to cloud-based resources. Built-in, interactive whiteboard features encourage meeting participation, collaboration, thus facilitating the sharing of ideas. For simplicity and ease of integration NovoEnterprise can be managed remotely over the network.

Seeing the whole picture

We believe in seeing the whole picture when it comes AV needs. We think it’s better to understand what an end user is trying to achieve overall from a collaboration perspective, in order to ensure they invest in the right solution for now and in the future. This philosophy is illustrated in our new NovoTouch, a powerful, all-in-one team collaboration display that’s ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies. Available now, the NovoTouch range comprises four new models ranging from 65” to 98” displays.  

While there’s a lot to admire in the NovoTouch – like Ultra HD 4K detailed and stunning visuals, or the LED backlit technology for a brighter picture, longer life and lower energy costs, and anti-glare surface – one of its most intriguing features is that it comes ready-equipped with Vivitek’s NovoPro, offering similar functionality to the NovoEnterprise in that it allows wireless collaboration and can be extended even with the LauncherPlus for instant guest laptop connectivity.

Big house, small house

Meanwhile, away from education and business and at the upper end of the property market, designated home theatres or home cinema rooms have become de rigueur for affluent households, sitting alongside established luxuries like wine cellars and swimming pools as features that define modern, high-end living. That’s not to say that more humble dwellings have been ignored by AV manufacturers. Even home owners on a budget are now creating smart homes, crammed with technology that enables them to control lighting and heating via apps or to stream content effortlessly from one media player device to another. Taking home entertainment to the next level, they’re now demanding powerful yet affordable AV solutions that enables them to recreate the exciting surround-sound cinema experience in their own home. 

AV is everywhere

Furthermore, in today’s always-on world, people want to be constantly updated about the news or events that may affect them or any plans they have. Hence why large venues or heavily populated public areas like train stations, airports or even shopping centres, are increasingly dependent on digital signage boards to communicate news or important announcements to their visitors.

Building on that, another area that’s increasingly demanding digital signage solutions is the hotel and leisure industry. That’s because in a world fuelled by social media and populated with sites like Trip Advisor and, no Hotelier – large or small – can afford to overlook any details, especially when it comes to welcoming or keeping guests informed.

But to date, most digital signage solutions have done a poor job of that, doing both a disservice to well-meaning hoteliers and the guests that they host. Unless you were technical or part of the IT team, digital signage solutions were not always easy to use and, as a consequence, the useful information they were meant to convey wasn’t always updated or accurate, much to the annoyance of guests.

Addressing that problem easily and effectively, is Vivitek’s NovoDS. What’s so important – and refreshing – about this affordable digital signage solution, is that it dramatically simplifies the process for creating and updating content on a display. Ideal for creating dynamic visual displays for a hotel or another venue’s corporate or public areas, its digital signage content can incorporate text, photos, audio, video, and Web content in fully customisable configurations for a variety of settings. The admin interface be branded with a hotel or venue’s logo and corporate colours. Designed for maximum convenience, the NovoDS-4K is ready for the next generation of high-resolution displays, making it a cost-effective ultra-high-definition solution.

It’s so easy to use, that even non-technical members of hotel staff will feel at ease with it, thanks to drag-n-drop template customisation and a highly intuitive playlist editing function. If there’s a change to the daily menu, or important corporate guests to greet and guide to a meeting room or function area upon arrival, the team on the reception desk can make the changes easily and quickly, to ensure all the information that’s displayed is relevant and - importantly – up to date.

There’s no doubt that AV’s development pace is matching that of other IT solutions, whether in the home, classroom and boardroom and, with 2018 on the horizon, we expect AV to be one of the most talked about subjects in the New Year.

David Zrihen, sales director, Vivitek
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David Zrihen is sales director for Vivitek Europe, Middle East and Africa. David joined Vivitek in 2011 to develop the growth of the brand in Southern Europe.