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Proving technology Jeremiahs wrong, world sings paeans of automation

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Whenever there is a transformation in technology, it gives birth to contemporary Jeremiahs, who foretells negative impacts. Some get convinced with their belief and others who decide to ride on waves of the changing technology find their ways to stand out in the crowd.

But in reality, it is all about perspective. For instance, the continuously happening innovations in the automation technology are being considered as a greater force, which is more capable, efficient and robust than traditional business solutions such as ERP, CRM, and BPM. At least, many business leaders across the world think so. They are excited to implement advanced automation solutions to enhance process efficiency.

On other hand, some factions in the world have a different perspective. They do not want to see the positive change brought by evolving technologies such as advanced automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Long-term benefits are being ignored, they are rather busy discussing short-term disruptions happening due to the transition under process. History is the best subject for such Jeremiahs to refer and find an answer to their doldrums. 

In the prevailing market condition, where automation is gradually pervading the business world, followers of Luddites and Jeremiah have become active all over the world. But the world, on other hand, has a different tale to tell.

Contemporary business leaders on automation

And, in such a market scenario, contemporary business leaders are assertive and are excited to harness maximum gains from these evolving technologies. Christopher Stancombe, Head, Industrialisation and Automation, Capgemini, believes automation opens a world of opportunities for humans and therefore it is worth investing. On other hand, Ellon Musk, CEO, Tesla and SpaceX, believes with automation, the time has come when humans should merge with machines, to remain in the race. 

Disruptive technologies are making headlines as it is revolutionising every industry. We are witnessing the age where machines are being programmed to perform tasks, which for long have been performed by humans. Cognitive abilities have turned out to be a reality, which is enabling businesses in setting up a highly responsive business system. Proven business models such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) are changing the business landscape.

Productivity, profitability & opportunity - harnessing optimum technology gains

Supporting in transcending traditional boundaries of success, advanced automation sets a new benchmark for the term ‘competition.’ Technology transformations have changed customers behaviour and have completely revamped the style of carrying business operations. Following are some of the many important factors that support businesses in achieving success parameters.

•   Increasing Productivity & Demand

Traditional automation solutions such as ERPs and CRMs are leading to cost-overrun and are also not compatible with new process requirements. But with technology advancements, there are innumerable business solutions that deploy methodologies, which play a key role in minimising the cost of performing business operations. By minimising error-rate, automating tasks with repetitive nature, eliminating wastes from within processes, making optimum resource utilisation and by giving integrated business control. However, these are only a few of the many factors.

•   Securing a Sound Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Maximising productivity and profitability has always been the main aim of businesses. Automation just ensures that it is sustained for a long-term with other additional benefits. In other words, advanced automation solutions support businesses in maximum production with minimum variations in final product and services. Therefore, it helps in maintaining quality throughout, which wins customers credibility and leads to sustained revenue generation.

•   Simplifying Communication and Enhancing Visibility

Visibility and transparency are other important factors that support businesses in winning customers confidence. With growing usage of the Internet and more people joining social media network every day, challenges for business have grown manifold. In such a situation, businesses can simplify communication channels and eliminate possibilities of gaps. Evolving technologies such as advanced automation keep businesses connected to customers through advanced media platforms such as email, voice calls, telephone calls, fax, chats, SMS and many more. Businesses availability 24 x 7 is a determining factor and it significantly impacts customers buying decision. 

•   Creating Value

Automation is enabling businesses in creating value for customers. They are not able to deliver quality products and services to customers, but complete satisfaction. And, this further result in long-term customer loyalty. Value is defined by innumerable factors such as price, packaging, timely delivery, services, follow-up and also availability. And evolving technologies such as advanced automation support businesses in understanding end-user preferences.

Transformations in technology brings change for good

With all these factors in mind, it won’t be wrong to say that predictions of technology Jeremiahs have proved to be completely wrong. Evolving technologies such as advanced automation introduce a transitional phase. It demands the human workforce to learn new skills and businesses to embrace new technologies, but it in no way is a disaster as many foretellers believe.

But predictions such as advanced automation will impoverish human opportunities and may bring instability to economies seems to be completely fallacious. Continuously evolving technologies have changed the way businesses function, led to value creation for customers, enhanced lifestyle, increased wages and inclusive development of economies worldwide. In a report, International Federation of Robotics (IFR) informs that “Automation provides the opportunity for humans to focus on higher-skilled, higher-quality and higher-paid tasks.”   

With technological methods to sound data storage, process information, and integrated communication platforms, advanced automation solutions are supporting businesses in performing tasks more effectively and robustly. Innovating technological solutions deploy high computing ability and cognitive capabilities, which enables programmed machines to perform complex business tasks seamlessly. Even activities such as analysing, judging and responding to an urgent situation are now being performed by the automation-enabled business system.

Thus, advanced automation can be credited for triggering instant business growth with maximising productivity and profitability within allocated time and budget. And, on other side, it is the reason for the growth in competition and demand, which in turn play a key role in generating new job opportunities. Businesses, people, and economies are now able to explore new growth dimensions with evolving technologies. With its progressive approach and ability to transform things unprecedentedly, the world has started to sing paeans for technologies such as advanced automation.   

Kumar Anand, Senior Content Developer, Cordis Technology
Image Credit: MNBB Studio / Shutterstock

Kumar Anand
Kumar Anand is a senior content developer with Cordis Technology LLC, UAE. He aims to learn & inform his readers about the changing world of technology.