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Q&A: Robin Zondag talks about Atos’ new AI Lab

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This year Atos and Google Cloud formed a global partnership to deliver secure hybrid cloud, machine learning , and collaboration solutions to organisations with Google Cloud becoming the preferred public cloud provider for Atos. The first Atos AI Lab in the world under the new partnership opened in London last month and it is a significant component of the partnership, addressing the digital transformation needs of enterprise customers in a new and engaging way.

Global head of Atos AI Lab, Robin Zondag, explains why he believes this approach to developing tailored AI solutions marks it out from the crowd.

What fresh perspective will the AI Lab in partnership with Google Cloud bring?

We were especially proud to launch the inaugural AI Lab as it provides vertical, repeatable end-to-end AI solutions that we will design, build and run in an agile manner. That word agile is key; this is an intensive 2-day process resulting in a tailored use case.

Atos differs through our focus on making AI real and accessible for business. It is a creative approach focused on improving business performance by understanding and embracing the art of the possible by applying AI technology.

In this way the AI Lab we believe can really open up access to tailored AI solutions for many different types of organisations.

Why was London chosen as the first location?

London brings with it a distinct blend of cultural, academic, commercial and geographical advantages that will continue to make it an ideal location into the future. It will also help build an ecosystem of highly-skilled AI workers in London and across Europe which will complement other Labs which are to come in Paris and Dallas, Texas.

How is the partnership working? What success have you seen so far?

The broader partnership is full of potential and we have had some great early engagement so far with success in all aspects. This include successful joint Atos-Google offers to our clients in cloud, productivity and AI domains and several initiatives have started to jointly develop new technology with very rapid build-up of GCP capability at Atos supported by Google. Plus, the implementation of GCP as the preferred Cloud of Atos has been key.

Tell us how this lab can help enterprise transformation in the UK and across the world?

By combining Atos integration capabilities and technology expertise with the market-leading AI and ML technologies of Google we feel we are offering an industry-leading proposition to create associated solutions for enterprise customers.

Atos will run these algorithms and ML technologies in its own Private Cloud trusted environments for critical data, in Atos DC and/or customer premises. This association of Atos private and GCP public cloud environments will enable a transparent and consistent experience with continued cloud security. This we feel is a compelling proposition.

What type of customers will Atos / Google be working with?

We start by working with our focus accounts as market interest is very substantial and this is a very positive early sign. We operate across many verticals so we can expect representatives from most sectors to be working with us on solutions in the months ahead.

Who will staff the lab? Will this be a mix of Google and Atos?

The Atos AI Lab in London will bring together expertise in AI alongside private and public sector organisational capabilities to collaborate and unlock cross-enterprise opportunities with expertise  drawn from both Atos and Google. The new Lab is available to businesses and public sector organisations across Europe, not just the UK, to utilise AI technologies and to define and design use cases relevant to their needs.

How will the AI lab impact Atos’ plans within the market?

The AI Lab is a significant development for our data focused brand Atos Codex. We already have a rich history of innovation in AI and some of the early applications of ML and AI we’ve been working on include using connected sensors in the supply chain of an energy company to create safer and more efficient operations and using data analytics and ML algorithms to reduce fraud in financial services.

The potential applications are endless and with market commentators suggesting AI’s potential contribution to the global economy will hit $15.7tr. by 2030, it’s clear this technology will open up new and exciting opportunities for cutting-edge and industry-leading firms across a wide range of sectors.

Robin Zondag, Global head, Atos AI Lab
Image Credit: John Williams RUS / Shutterstock

Robin Zondag is Global head of Atos AI Lab, where he is responsible for setting-up and managing the Atos AI labs as part of the Atos Google partnership.