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Relevant tips to consider before developing an iPhone app

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Building an iPhone application can be very stressful and takes a lot of time, but in the long run, it yields returns. To be successful in creating an iPhone app, you need to persevere with the stress it brings, and also focus on devoting quality time to the job because at the end of the day the stress and time will be worthwhile. 

At the inception of building an iPhone application, having a break through is not always certain, but with consistency, perseverance and hard labor, success will be guaranteed. This research work will help you with some valuable information you need to succeed in creating your iPhone application. 

Do you know iOS  has come up with the new standard in UI/UX which provides the best platform to bring about an engaging, enjoyable and worth while experience? Although, Apple maintains iOS 10 as the best tool so far. 

There are many of these new characteristics which are consumer facing such as widgets, Siri or messages integration, and increased reminders. Designers of apps have this notion that the only change which stands out from others is the clear title and the frequent use of the cards. Though iOS 7 uses a narrower font, iOS 10 now makes use of legible text. 

When creating your kind of app, it is necessary you go through App store for help. The App store contains all the information you need to know when creating your app. When you follow the guidelines provided with some other relevant communications, this can assist you in coming up with a strong and successful application. 

There are 7 design ideas that would assist you in boosting your UI before you continue with coding to improve the attraction and usage of your app. Below are ideas you need to consider when creating apps like a pro in iOS. 

1. Make Users Participate 

Over 80% of iOS application which is downloaded to mobile devices are used only once, and after then they would be deleted. This is true for numerous reasons. The main reason for this is because it does not make users participate fully, and as a result of this, they don't meet up. 

This is indeed a setback and to avoid this, it is better to add icons that will make users participate in the application such as gamification, or social media integration. Also, giving marks and bonus to users who invite other users should be encouraged. 

Thus, the aim of this functionality is to make the application more lively and active so that users wouldn't find the application uninteresting. It is also advisable to revise the application with the latest features consistently. 

2. The Use Of 3D Touch 

The use of 3D touch is a new feature in iOS. This new feature enables users to go through the options of an app quickly. 

Unlike before, users can force press the app icon to check out the items that are used the most. You can also look at the emails and skim over the links before opening them.  

Thus, if you consider this as the keyboard shortcuts on your Mac, it helps users to do different jobs at a faster rate. 

Furthermore, you will need to build up design shortcuts that will boost productivity for solid users. Take note of the keyboard shortcuts; it is not advisable to put limitations on the relevant features in 3D Touch. You should also allow your users to have better access to your app. 

3. Your App Should Be High-Performance 

Who would want to use applications with issues in the long run? No one would want to try out such an application again. If the app takes too long to load, it means it has been abandoned because an app that still functions well shouldn't take more than five seconds to load. 

Though, we have some difficult apps like Facebook which takes more time to load due to the large amount of data it requires. Killer applications are required to perform well and be persistent from the beginning. 

4. It Should Be Compatible With Various iOS Devices 

Building a killer iOS app is meant to involve app compatibility with all necessary iOS versions. The specific device should be supported and it's unique qualities should be taken advantage of. 

Thus, it gives the best UI experience to users. In creating mobile application, you need to be observant of the characteristics on the specific iOS device. It is important you do away with the characteristics that don't fit into your application. 

5. Great User Interface 

As the word implies, the first impression lasts longer, whether it is business wise or application wise. Most people tend to judge a book by its cover and apps by its design. The look of an app and the way its functions are relevant to its success. The application UI has to be accommodating so that users will be willing to explore and understand the characteristics of the app. 

Most times, iOS developers understand that applications which are successful are usually controlled from a small touchscreen, and it's user interface has proof of design elements that are free from the function of the application. If it is not useful, it will be discarded. Applications that are successful usually focus on their main task and use important content. They also provide a reasonable path for easy maneuverability. 

6. To Fulfill Users' Needs 

The issue is not to build a successful app, but if you fail to release revisiions consistently, the app may not end up on users' smartphones. 

For example, Angry Birds; is very successful on the platform with over 250 million downloads. The reasons for its success is based on consistent updates and new game play innovations. 

7. Customer Support 

Because not all mobile application users are tech-savvy. Some people who need assistance with their downloads. An app with great customer support is likely to answer user questions within hours or seconds. However, one good answer can bring an additional sale or an app recommendation. 

From the above piece, we have come to the conclusion that to create a successful iOS application is not a difficult task if you follow instructions and keep them organized. 

Always remember to make apps rational for mobile users and be careful when following Apple's Human Interface guidelines. Endeavor to manage errors to avoid having the app crash or be buggy. Also, check if your project works before you release it. Finally, ensure you sign it before uploading it to the app store. 

Harnil Oza, CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem 

Image Credit: Jeshoots / Pixabay

Harnil Oza
Harnil Oza is the CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.