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SimpliSafe vs ADT – what's the best business security system?

simplisafe vs adt logos
(Image credit: SimpliSafe / ADT)

With the best security systems, business owners can rest assured that their physical premises are secure at all times. In our SimpliSafe vs ADT comparison, we take a look at two of the most popular security companies today. 

SimpliSafe is known for its affordable business security systems, which tend to be on the basic side but remain a great choice for small businesses. ADT offers more advanced custom solutions for those with more specific requirements, and it’s a little more expensive. Let’s see how the two stack up against each other.

What we compared

We’ve analyzed various aspects of these two security system providers to help you determine which (if any) is best for your business.

User interface and setup

Getting started with SimpliSafe is an intuitive, straightforward process. Once you’ve purchased and received your base station, simply plug it into a power socket. Clear setup instructions are provided, and the sensors and other hardware are designed to be installed without any fancy tools or equipment. 

An ADT system will take a little longer to get up and running. You will need to consult with the sales team, who will help you develop a custom solution for your business. Setup will depend on the exact system you require, but it shouldn’t be too difficult with the assistance of professional installation technicians.

Both ADT and SimpliSafe have attractive mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that enable you to control and monitor your security system remotely.

ADT mobile interface

ADT has a tidy mobile app (Image credit: ADT)

Simplisafe mobile interface

The SimpliSafe app enables you to manage your security system on the go (Image credit: Simplisafe)


Both SimpliSafe and ADT have somewhat complicated pricing models incorporating one-time hardware costs, recurring subscriptions, and monitoring fees if applicable. 

SimpliSafe’s hardware packages start from $155 with the Business Essentials bundle. This comes with a base station, keypad, and motion sensors. There’s a $79 installation fee if you would like professional installation. Full monitoring starts at $0.83 per day, although basic, video-free monitoring is available from $0.50 per day. There are no long-term contracts or high cancellation fees. You can also create your own custom system layout if required, which will come with a custom price. 

On the other hand, ADT lists three business packages on its website, but you will have to contact the company for a custom quote based on your exact needs. A closer look at the company’s terms and conditions reveals that prices start at $49 per month with a 36-month contract. Cancellation fees are high, and the hardware may or may not be included in your monthly package.

Professional monitoring

Both ADT and SimpliSafe can provide fully monitored business security systems with 24/7 external monitoring by company staff. 

SimpliSafe’s monitoring solutions stand out as excellent. The company aims to provide video evidence of any intrusions, enabling emergency services personnel to act rapidly and with proof. When a perimeter breach or intrusion alert is received, the alarm will continue until it’s confirmed as received. You will be called to ensure it’s not a false alarm, and the police will be dispatched as soon as possible. 

ADT’s monitored solutions are equally impressive, with a selection of perimeter and interior monitoring products available. All alerts are relayed via the ADT mobile app, and 24/7 monitoring is performed by the company’s response team. Flood protection and temperature-control monitoring are also available.

SimpliSafe monitoring solutions

SimpliSafe offers 24/7 security system monitoring (Image credit: Simplisafe)

ADT monitoring solutions

ADT offers advanced monitoring solutions (Image credit: ADT)

Industry-specific solutions

ADT specializes in industry-specific security solutions tailored to your exact needs. It offers packages for retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, and health businesses, among others. 

For example, ADT’s food and beverage solutions include access control and temperature control hardware that’s designed to help you meet your regulatory requirements. You can set the system up to alert you immediately if there are major problems with, say, a walk-in freezer. 

SimpliSafe’s solutions are much more basic, though it does offer a small number of industry-specific solutions targeted at restaurants, retail storefronts, and offices with sensitive equipment. SimpliSafe offers base-level system components, but don’t expect anything too fancy here. It’s clear that ADT stands out well above SimpliSafe in this regard.

ADT industry solutions

ADT offers customizable industry-specific security solutions (Image credit: ADT)

Simplisafe industry solutions

SimpliSafe’s industry-specific solutions are much more basic (Image credit: Simplisafe)

Fire protection and monitoring

None of SimpliSafe’s standard packages include fire protection and monitoring. You can add smoke alarms to a custom system if you would like to, but this is as far as SimpliSafe’s fire protection services extend. 

ADT, on the other hand, provides comprehensive commercial fire alarm monitoring services. It offers specialized hardware and a highly-trained response team, enabling you to rest assured that your business premises are fully protected at all times. The company aims to help you maintain regulatory compliance, and you can even have an existing system inspected if required. 

Once again, ADT clearly stands out as the winner here.

ADT fire protection

ADT offers advanced fire protection and monitoring solutions (Image credit: ADT)

Simplisafe fire protection

SimpliSafe enables you to add a smoke alarm to your security system (Image credit: Simplisafe)

Mobile app

ADT and SimpliSafe both offer excellent mobile apps, and it’s hard to separate the two. 

ADT’s app is available for Android and iOS. It offers great functionality, including standard features such as the ability to remotely arm or disarm your system and climate control tools. You can manage multiple locations at the same time, set up alerts for security events, and view live and recorded video footage from any of your cameras. 

SimpliSafe is also available for Android and iPhone users. Like ADT’s app, SimpliSafe’s enables you to control access to your property remotely, disabling and arming your system with the click of a button. Create alerts for specific security events, and view live video feeds from your cameras. You can also save video clips for later viewing.

ADT mobile app

ADT offers a highly functional mobile app (Image credit: ADT)

SimpliSafe mobile app

The SimpliSafe mobile app includes great access control and system management tools (Image credit: SimpliSafe)

Access controls

ADT offers advanced access control solutions. You will be able to create access permissions for customers, staff, and anyone else who needs temporary or permanent access to your business premises. You can also limit access to certain parts of your business, restrict access to sensitive documents or controlled substances, and create temporary permissions for one-time visitors. 

SimpliSafe doesn’t offer any specific access control solutions. Access to your premises is via the built-in keypad, which means that anyone requiring access will need to know your security code. They do offer a key fob that can be used to arm and disarm the system.

ADT access control

ADT boasts advanced access control solutions (Image credit: ADT)

SimpliSafe security essentials

SimpliSafe access control is available via keypad entry (Image credit: SimpliSafe)

Which security company is best for me?

SimpliSafe offers affordable security solutions that can be rapidly deployed. You can add and remove components to build your own system, and it has the basics covered. However, there are few specialized solutions for things like fire monitoring or access control, which means that SimpliSafe is best suited to small businesses looking for an out-of-the-box solution. 

ADT is much more advanced, offering custom solutions for businesses of all sizes. It’s a great choice for businesses requiring more flexibility, as you will get exactly what you require. Temperature, fire, and moisture monitoring are available, and the company’s access control solutions are sophisticated.

UI and SetupSmooth and easy to use, rapid setupSmooth and easy to use, slightly more complex setup
PricingFrom $155 for hardware and $0.50 per dayCustom pricing
Professional monitoringExcellentExcellent
Industry-specific solutionsBasicExcellent
Fire protection and monitoringBasicExcellent
Mobile appExcellentExcellent
Access controlBasicExcellent

What our reviewers said

SimpliSafe review

“It’s an excellent choice for small to medium business premises and offices, and would suit places like restaurants, medical practices, law firms, real estate developers, home offices, and smaller retailers. All in all, we were very impressed by SimpliSafe and highly recommend the system.”
Score: 4.5/5
Read our full SimpliSafe review.

ADT review

ADT is probably best for businesses who have specialized security needs like access control or EAS, or those who want the most comprehensive custom-built system and service. If you run a small office, store, or home office and you don’t have a huge budget, then ADT probably isn’t the best value choice for you.
Score: 4/5
Read our full ADT review.

Alternatives to Simplisafe and ADT

Vivint is a popular security company offering advanced business security solutions. It’s great for those looking for powerful video monitoring, and its camera hardware stands out as some of the best on offer. Professional installation is required and prices are a little high, but Vivint could be worth considering if you’re looking for an advanced alternative to ADT. Read our full Vivint review.

FrontPoint is best suited to those looking for a budget-friendly DIY security system. It boasts a decent selection of hardware, enabling you to customize your system in the same way SimpliSafe does. Read our full FrontPoint review.

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