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Social media scheduling tools: A boon when your brand has an International audience

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Does your brand have an international audience? Do they live in a time zone different than yours? Do you have to stay up late at night for uploading content at the time when your audience is active on social media platforms?

If the answer to all of the above questions is a YES, read on to find the solution to all your worries.

What if you can create all your content at once, line them up in a sequence, and let them go out on your different social media feeds at a predecided time? Sounds pretty good and time-saving, right? Well, that can be done easily using a social media scheduling tool.

What is a social media scheduling tool?

Briefly, a social media scheduling tool is a software designed to allow the user to publish content to, monitor, and manage one or more social media platforms from a single screen. It allows you to share and schedule your content on different social sites. Along with that, it also enables you to respond to comments that people make on your posts.

It also makes it easy for teams to work together and manage all the social media sites. There are a lot of social media scheduling tools available out there.

Most of these tools focus on all the main social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Some tools support only specific platforms.

How a social media managing tool can help you?

Manage multiple accounts together

When you are running a business (or multiple businesses together), you are likely to have a lot of social media accounts to manage. Whether it is about operating your own accounts or your clients’, using a scheduling tool makes a social media marketer’s life a lot easier. It allows you to centralise all your actions with one login and a unified user interface.

Schedule posts beforehand

Okay, this one is the most obvious reason to use a social media scheduling tool. As discussed earlier, you do not have to stress about making your posts go live manually. It will help you to keep up with the 24/7 active nature of social media. After researching on when your audience stays the most active on different platforms, you can schedule your posts evenly throughout the day, according to different time zones.

Also, having a documented social media strategy and an editorial calendar is very essential for marketers. By planning and scheduling ahead of time, you can visualise what you will be posting and align it with your growth goals.

Keep a track of relevant keywords/hashtags

Monitor your social media networks for the conversations that are made related to your brand. There will be your customers leaving feedbacks - both positive and negative - without tagging your page or account.

Many people write your complete brand name while leaving comments, but do not use the @ or #, thus you don’t get notified. Oversee them so that you can respond accordingly.

Also, start tracking your competitors’ accounts and product phrases and gather new insights for marketing tactics - all using your social media scheduling tool.

Maintain consistency and harmony

When you post regularly, your brand name can be easily remembered by the audience. Having a tool that keeps all your accounts organised is great for achieving consistency. This consistency can include the colours that represent your brand, the time on which you post content, and how often you post. 

Think about some successful brands that you follow on social media. Are you ever able to identify their posts just because of a particular colour or theme that they use? Do you know that their post is going to come up on your feed at 6 pm? That is consistency.

Use a tool and have a look at how your content will appear in front of your audience and set a time schedule so that people subconsciously know at what time they will see your updates.

Bring your team together

With a social media scheduling tool, there is no need for logging in to multiple ids on every social media platform. All the team members can operate them at the same time using a single platform.

You can invite people to join your team and adjust their roles too. This way, you can also monitor which team member is working on which task.

Analyse your results

If you can not measure your tasks, you can not improve them. Being a social media marketer, you will be definitely trying to post different types of content, test different timings to post, etc. But, what is the use if you cannot measure the results?

With a tool in hand, it can be done. Most of the social media scheduling tools provide the feature of analytics. Through this, you can know the number of times your website was visited through social media links, how many retweets your posts received, and much more! This data can be really helpful to optimise your social media strategy.

To sum up

Many social media scheduling tools provide a free trial period. You can do some searching on the basis of the features that you need, try some of them, and choose the best and the one that fits your budget.

Hopefully, the points stated above sheds some light on how such a tool can make your social media management as easy as pie.

Amaiya Rathi, content writer, Recurpost

A content writer - weaving stories through words and creating content across niches.