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Ten ways top app development companies can boost mobile app marketing with social media

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The long nights and days are behind you and your Android and iPhone app development team after building an application that you want to be a smash hit on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Your application is ready to be launched, and you want to establish a very high demand and drive a lot of people to download it. But it is a little bit challenging to make your application outstanding out of over 1.6 million other applications built by other app developers for users to choose and download from.

You can make use of paid ads to increase your app demand, but it needs a huge amount of cash to run such campaigns. If you are thinking of alternative cost-effective means of successfully marketing your mobile application, you can try social media marketing. There are so many ways top app development companies can market their applications, but the best and most effective way of marketing and increasing your application's demand is marketing via social media. To successfully use social media to drive more demand and market your app successfully, you have to put the following points into consideration:

Create user generated and value based content

First, you have to create informative, high-quality, and unique content when planning and making your campaign on social media to make your application more known to users. To keep your targeted audience engaged, you need to create engrossing content. For instance, if it's a cooking application you are marketing, then your posts should be on tips from some the best chefs and recipes in the world. Besides this, making awesome videos that best describes your mobile application can enhance its promotion in a great way. Make funny and quirky videos of your app and promote it through the most popular and widely used social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and also YouTube.

Plan ahead

The most important aspect of marketing app developers need to imbibe when marketing their application via social media is effective Planning. Ask yourself some vital questions when strategizing your plan, some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

What content or posts do I want my targeted audience view and read?

Which of the social media channels will be suitable for my content?

Provide answers to those questions with the profile and preferences of your audience in mind.

Reward your users for downloading your application

If you want your mobile application to remain at the top of the trend table, then you have to consider rewarding your users. You can use various means to motivate users to your application to their colleagues, relatives, or friends. This isn't just an awesome way of increasing downloads of your app, but also, the referral scheme of your application will enable you to keep track of the experience of your users and monitor the number of downloads it generates.

Your social media content should be humanised

Social network users will pay more attention to feeds that are Human in tone rather than a tailored marketing approach. Have it in mind that the most important factor that translates to all the users is the app developers' passion for the application. Also, ask users for feedback on your app, this will enable you close loopholes on your app and as well improve your existing successes. Also, have conversations with your app users, accept mistakes, and surprise them with new and interesting features.

Google plus

There are a lot of benefits in taking advantage of Google+ for marketing your mobile application. One of the benefits is the inbuilt power that will rank up your application in search results. Making use of hashtags on Google plus is similar to Twitter and Instagram. The ability to automatically create hashtags on Google+ is one of the unique functionalities that separates Google plus hashtags from others. Also, you can use hashtags to optimise the power of your SEO, but do not over do it because Google doesn't accept overstuffed keywords in content and hashtags.


With over hundreds of millions of users on this platform, Facebook is known to be the best social media platform presently you can use to market your mobile app. You should create a Facebook page for your mobile application as this will give your app more visibility on this social media platform, which is a better way of getting feedback from users, create a buzz and gain credibility.

Make sure the page you have created have a lot details about your app, the page should also have screenshots and if possible, videos of your app. You can create a Facebook group and invite families and friends to join the group, you can also join other groups on Facebook and promote your application there as well.


Millions of people all over the world access Twitter every single day, and over 80 per cent of these users make use of Twitter from their mobile devices. Also, mobile application marketing allows you to target users on Twitter and drive your app demand. It also allows you to get to potential users by remarking them in a tweet. You can also use Twitter Cards and "content marketing" to make your app more vigorous to people, and this will increase the downloads of your app.


If you'd love more and more people to be aware of your app and download it, then the magic spell you need is Instagram. Instagram has over 90 million active subscribers. So giving your app a presence on Instagram is something you must consider to drive more people to your app.

Use images

An image/picture tells a story. Making use of images to make posts of your application is a great way of making your app stand out from other apps. Make general "Download the App" posts with messages and screenshots of the app being used by early users. Besides images, another great way app developers can market their app is to do a countdown to the release of their app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. They can post messages regarding the features of the application and also add a relevant picture of the app to go with the post.

Encourage users to share the content of your app

If you want users to share your posts or content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they need to be encouraged by providing them good and informative content. Let them know the key features of your application and how it will help them in your content. Also, communicate with some people and discuss with them the reasons why you built the app and how they can benefit from it.

Harnil Oza, CEO, Hyperlink Infosystem
Image Credit: Pixel Fantasy / Flickr

Harnil Oza is the CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.