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The automation euphoria - businesses set to witness a phase of transition

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Technology is being innovated at a breakneck speed and these transformations are bringing excitement as well as challenges for business leaders worldwide. Excitement because advanced technologies enable them to perform business tasks incredibly fast and with utmost efficiency. Moreover, it also enables in accessing a wider market share and connecting to global customers.  On other hand, electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, the internet and various world-wide-web platforms make customers well informed and tech-savvy. This comes as a challenge to businesses because they cannot afford to be an alternative, rather they should be the best to remain in the competition.

This is automation euphoria that the world is celebrating. Technology transformations are perpetually leading to new forms of competition, which leaves businesses with no other option but to embrace this change with open arms. Old-day solutions such as ERPs and CRMs had their glory days and businesses are in no mood to invest any in such solutions any further. With advanced automation, it is an end to their quest to find a cost-efficient business solution. It is a phase of transition, which businesses are witnessing. And, when the dust settles down, advanced automation will have created a new world of opportunities for businesses, employees, and economies as a whole.

What makes businesses celebrate automation euphoria?

Advanced automation solutions are designed incorporating proven business models which add a robust approach to perform tasks with minimum errors and optimum resource utilisation. It is high time to explore potentials of advanced automation, which possess the ability to secure sustained growth for businesses of any size. Following are some of the many advantages of embracing advanced automation solutions to enhance the efficiency of entire business processes.    

•   Automating marketing activities and tasks

Once finished with productional activities, the next job for businesses is to connect to customers through various media platforms both offline and online. In this age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, processes such as marketing can also be efficiently automated. When compared to the human workforce, automation enables organisation in performing marketing tasks more effectively and efficiently. Campaigns can be designed in advance and its launch can be scheduled on a later date; automated emails can be sent to innumerable customers addressing them in person and informing them about sales, discounts and other offers. Moreover, with the automated system, businesses can send messages wishing customers on their anniversaries and birthdays. This helps in connecting to customers but also plays a key role in building a personalised relationship, which leads to increased retention. 

•   Seamless workflow automation

For a successful business, controlling entire operational actives, optimum resource utilisation, reducing errors and many such other elements becomes imperative. Unlike old-day business solutions such as ERPs and CRMs, advanced automation solutions are apt to make businesses perform robustly. Designed with technological models such as Six-Sigma and Lean production, advanced automation solutions reduce the error-rate and also eliminates wastes within processes.

On other hand, automation supports seamless business workflow by simplifying and integrating various communication platform. Directors, Managers and other company personnel can communicate through voice, chat, SMS, fax and many more all at an integrated platform. Managers can assign tasks and monitors tasks progress right from their workstation, whereas employees can write their queries and get it resolved at the same time. Advanced automation solutions support both vertical and horizontal business models, which is essential for achieving organisational goals seamlessly.   

•   Managing inventory and supply chain

With technologies evolving at a superset speed, complexities of managing inventory and supply chain has been completely eliminated. Tasks are completely automated and businesses no more have to be completely dependent on the human workforce. Businesses should not necessarily have a large space to maintain the inventory and with advanced automation, they can also have an enhanced fill rate. Logistics make use advanced technologies such as geotagging, which ensures products and services are delivered to right customers within the expected time of delivery. Systems such as geotagging allow businesses to add maps and geographical locations of the customers, which support delivery boys in handing over products and delivering services to the right person.  

•   Automating diverse business functionalities

Having digitised the entire business platform, advanced technologies have supported in reducing the use of papers by a great margin. In other words, this has also helped in securing confidential information and preventing any loss of data. Automating entire management aspects can help employees in releasing some quality time for themselves. Be it finance, HR, customer relationship management, tasks are performed by programmed machines, which reduces possibilities of errors with these functionalities. Preparing payroll every month-end or preparing financial reports becomes uncomplicated with the necessary data readily available to business leaders. Most importantly, advanced automation integrates various departments in an organisation, which supports in eliminating performance bottlenecks and hence in achieving organisational goals within allocated time and budget.

Is advance automation solutions worth adopting?

Performing diverse business activities become uncomplicated with technological advancements. Gone are the days when companies had to install too much of hardware and software to perform various business tasks. With technology becoming handy, businesses have now completely encompassed in a data-driven world. Proven business models such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in coordination with Internet-of-Things (IoT) are enabling companies in monitoring entire business tasks even from a remote location. 

Automation euphoria is being celebrated by business leaders across the world. Advanced automation is significantly enabling businesses in reducing operational cost; in enhancing accuracy while performing diverse business tasks; completing production tasks with minimum variations in products and services. These advancements in business solutions play a key role in making entire processes efficient.

Unlike traditional automation solutions such as ERP and CRM, advanced automation solutions are not limited to maximising productivity and profitability. Technologies such as advanced automation delivers satisfaction and creates value, which in turn results in enhanced loyalty. Making the business platform transparent, engaging and interactive, advanced automation solutions play an essential role in building a healthy business-customer relationship for a long-term.

Kumar Anand, Senior Content Developer, Cordis
Image Credit: Cordis Technology

Kumar Anand
Kumar Anand is a senior content developer with Cordis Technology LLC, UAE. He aims to learn & inform his readers about the changing world of technology.