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Whitepaper: The marketing value of marketing automation

(Image credit: Image Credit: MNBB Studio / Shutterstock)

As a marketer, digital transformation has changed how you do your job. And what customers expect from your efforts. You’re planning, building, and delivering increasingly complex customer experiences. And in an age where everything can be precisely tracked and measured, you probably feel increasing pressure to prove the impact of your contributions. 

The right solutions and processes can do just that by helping you hit ambitious goals and demonstrate your results to diverse stakeholders.

Turn your challenges into opportunities

In the digital age, marketers face key challenges, including these:

  • Managing multiple programs across many channels
  • Sustaining content through long sales cycles
  • Acquiring qualified leads to share with the sales team
  • Aligning sales and marketing teams to focus on customer experience
  • Demonstrating ROI to prove organisational value

Marketing automation can help you address each of these challenges by giving you the power to scale programs, deliver personalised and targeted content to customers, align your internal teams with integrated technology, and measure the impact of your efforts across channels. With it, you can gather all the data you need, carefully consider all your options for using it effectively, assemble targeted content, anticipate customer trends, and deliver customer experiences that resonate. In short, the right marketing automation solution helps you take your business to the next level. 

Organisations that focus on customer experience using marketing automation connect powerfully with their customers—and realise significant business value. They enjoy lower acquisition costs, increased conversion rates and prospects, higher average order value, higher retention, and increased loyalty.