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The road to success: The vital importance of investing in quality content as a business

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2019 has brought with it a wave of new marketing strategies like influencer marketing, support groups and consumer-generated ads but blogging still holds a vital place in your company’s marketing mix and shouldn't be neglected. Content marketing has proven to deliver resounding results. It’s one of the most effective methods of developing brand awareness, driving sales, building customer loyalty and staying ahead of the competition.

What is quality content?

Whilst there is no clear and concise definition of what makes content ‘high’ or ‘poor’ quality, there are certainly some key indicators of what makes content appear to be of lower quality. To start with, the design, typography and overall look and functionality of a website has the power to welcome and intrigue readers, or instantly put them off. Basically, a low-quality page will emit low trust and no desire to continue reading. Get your page design right as it’s the first step towards creating high-quality content.

Moving onto text-rich content, at the bare minimum should be both concise and complete. A human feel is imperative. It can often become clear after reading the first sentence if the content had been proof-read by a human eye or merely run through an automated editing system that restricts flow and readability of your content. Another clear tell-tale sign of poor content is if it's been re-hashed or copied. Originality and exclusivity are the core characteristics of high-quality content.

When it comes to organic search, the average word count of Google’s first-page result is around 1,890 words.

To beat the competition

As the overwhelming majority of businesses are actively and frequently contributing to their company blogs, those who don’t will inevitably fade away into imminent demise. On the other hand, companies who publish low quality, irrelevant and unengaging content face being gradually pushed out of the market. Bottom line is, more frequent sharing of high-quality content online is one of the most cost-effective and necessary ways to generate more leads and conversions in an increasingly commercial world.

One way to stand out from the crowd is to provide something new, relevant and valuable.

Staying competitive requires a commitment to a continuous flow of content. Competitive content will be unique and original. For startups and emerging businesses to be taken seriously in the competition, should stand their ground and create content that demonstrates their brand identity.

It has been found that small businesses with blogs get up to 126 per cent more lead growth than small businesses without. This is because prospects that have read your blog typically enter the sales process better informed on what you have to offer.

To build brand awareness

Building awareness and buzz around your brand through blogging will drive traffic to your site, grow your social media following, increase engagement and generate leads. Specialist written content that provides value to your readership will position your firm as a valuable source of information and answers surrounding an issue in the market. Not only will your prospects associate your brand with your product or service, but also your ambitions, specialities and interests in the wider context of your niche. In other words, much of the quality of your content depends on providing answers and information to your potential customers.

By frequently and consistently updating your company blog with relevant content and searchable keywords, the more likely you will be found by prospective customers. Sharing content on your company site is a sure way to reach your immediate audience, as they will likely be asking search engines like Google specific questions that your content will deliver answers to. However, to cast the net far and wide, it’s imperative to make your content sharable on social networks.

Content on social media can be contagious, but only if it’s worthy of your consumers time. Interactive and easy to read text are amongst the most sharable forms of content. Be sure to include sharable buttons on your site and social media accounts to encourage circulation. All it takes is one influential share for your content to find itself in the consumption zone of your new demographic. Remember, only high-quality content will spark interest and willingness to share your content, so keep it juicy.

To demonstrate expertise

Only the highest quality content will allow you to demonstrate expertise and position your brand as a market leader. Addressing specific problems, filling in gaps of knowledge and providing credible and authoritative information is the ultimate way to make build a reputation as the industry expert. From here, you can expect customers and prospects to automatically turn to you as the exclusive industry news hub. Being in such a position is one thing, but to maintain it is another. To keep your throne as King of Content in your market, you must up your game and recognise the importance of your blog and its maintenance.

Whether you create your own blog content by hiring industry experts to write it for you or reach out to experts who will research, craft and edit your content, it will appear under your brand name. This is perhaps the most important call for the highest of quality content. To ensure that your brand is appreciated as an industry expert that can be trusted, do not risk affiliating yourself with boring, non-technical, inaccurate content. In fact, technical statistical content can be made exciting with WordPress themes and plugins that require no coding skills - just awesome content.

To get out of the spending-race

With most industries becoming increasingly saturated and new players joining the game every day, the competition for customer interaction and loyalty has become rife. It can be easy to get caught up in a spending race with your competitors in a bid to reach prospects. Those who use content marketing seem to have realised the cost-effectiveness of its superpowers. In fact, content marketing costs 62 per cent less than traditional marketing and generates up to 3 times more leads.

Paid ads generally require a continuous flow of investment to see results. Meanwhile, as time goes on, content marketing seems to build and pick up its own momentum with no further investment needed. This, coupled with the fact that it does generate 3 times more leads than traditional marketing, equates to a no brainer as to why every company should step up their content game.

Having said this, it should be noted that poor quality content will neither generate leads or provide a long-term success of results. The key here is to focus efforts on the creation of high quality, engaging and stimulating content that will remain powerful and relevant until its next update. In other words, the success of content is less to do with how big the budget is and more to do with how it’s invested.

The internet might appear to be sodden rich in content but the fact is, the majority of it lacks purpose, reasoning and function. This ultimately means that there is space for more companies to take advantage of their markets and grow into industry leaders.

Dev Sharma, CEO & Founder, Casberry Media

Dev is a CEO & Founder of Casberry Media. Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Huff Post, The Next Web and Smart Insights.