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Whitepaper: Three benefits of delivering unified commerce

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Growing businesses are increasingly challenged by evolving buyer demands and competitive market pressures. Today, amazing customer experiences across all audiences and channels have become status quo. The evolving need to serve all customers—business and consumer—via digital channels is tasking leaders with achieving more with fewer business resources. 

Efficiency and enablement are core drivers of innovation. Businesses are zeroing in on the adoption and implementation of helpful technologies that support their ability to provide amazing customer experiences. Because that’s what it’s all about. Experience.

Buyers are seeking meaningful interactions and looking for resources and purchase functionality that streamline the path to getting what they need and want. Smart business leaders understand that customer experience is a core differentiating factor that drives loyalty and overall revenue growth. And they are prioritising solutions that help them optimise their investments, centralise efforts, and support their own customers’ journeys. But it isn’t always easy to seamlessly integrate the teams, technologies, and tools to do this effectively. These demands have created a shift in how businesses go to market and organise their internal strategy and tactical measures.