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Three projects for your five-year IT service management plan – Part 2

I recently detailed a proposal for the first project to consider when creating a five-year ITSM plan, focusing on Integrating IT asset management.

Whilst integrating IT asset management is a fundamental component of any ITSM plan, it is important that organisations should look to automate process and integrate tools wherever possible. This acts as the second project involved in the ITSM plan and must be considered and maximised wherever possible throughout the project.

Project 2: Automate Processes and Integrate Tools wherever Possible

In many organisations, automating processes like inventory discovery or software updates serve as go-to tactics for reducing IT cost. Eliminating the need for support teams to make a single trip to an employee’s desk to troubleshoot or apply updates often justifies the cost of such tools.

With such a rapid return on investment (ROI), many IT leaders have implemented client and mobile device management. However, only a fraction of these groups have taken the next step and integrated their systems management solutions with their ITSM environment.

If you are operating with reduced budgets, one of the best ways to improve service offerings and prepare for emerging trends is to integrate tools within the ITSM environment. By doing so will make their capabilities more easily accessible to both service analysts and end users. As you evaluate how to make this project a reality, look for opportunities to automate and integrate inside and outside of your ITSM solution. 

Human Resources, for example, has procedures for new hires that require employees to complete tax and insurance information. Rather than keep information siloed, why not connect these processes to your ITSM solution to coordinate related IT onboarding requests such as hardware procurement or automatically provisioning the system with the software and network access required for the job?

Once this architecture is in place, your ITSM environment will be better prepared to handle evolving technology trends and the increased workloads expected as IT support is required to extend to non-traditional devices.

 Marcel Shaw, ITSM and ITAM specialist at LANDESK

Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible