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Top factors that determine the cost of startup website

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As an entrepreneur, you have to tread a precarious path to succeed. There will be a constant need to take risks yet at the same time, you will have to watch your steps so that you don’t make too many mistakes. Starting a business isn’t easy but if your goal is set and you are determined to succeed, nothing can really stop you. Among the many things that a startup needs to focus on one is building and launching a website. A website becomes even more essential if your business is e-commerce related or heavily banks on the wonders of the Internet.

The aim shouldn’t simply be to create an attractive website but also one that is functional and efficient. There isn’t any doubt that a visually appealing website will attract more viewers but in the long run, an efficient website will help convert views to actions.

If you are thinking that creating a website will eat up a sizable portion of your budget, you are not worrying unnecessarily. However, you must understand that you cannot value every service rendered on the same scale. If you do not know how to make a website from scratch, you will need to pay money to make one. That is obvious. But the question is how much does it cost to build a website? How much money can a startup allocate for a site?

What determines the cost of a website

Let us try to break down the factors which determine the cost of building a startup website. This should give you an objective view of things and help you go forward with your plans of building a website.

#Factor 1             

What is Worth Your Money        

Arguably the most significant concern for any startup is the money – how much can you spend and is the service worth the money. This factor depends on several things ranging from:

  • Why you want a website in the first place
  • Can the website be scaled to meet your changing needs
  • Is the website vital to the success of your startup

Having answers to these questions will chart the course of action. Your website will assume a shape based on your ideas and goals. If you are an e-commerce startup company, your website will be the backbone and thus will need a robust framework. However, if you are a company offering geographically specific services, your website will only help you to a certain extent. Thus how much money you spend will depend on why you want the website.

#Factor 2             

What Kind of Website Developmental Services Are You Looking For         

Once you have figured out the basic need of a website, you will have to look into other things that will determine the cost of the project. Here we shall be talking about developing the website and how to go about it. Some of the questions that you should have answers with this regard are:

  • Are you willing to outsource the work to a developing team
  • Do you want to hire an in-house website developer
  • Are you looking for a one-time developer who gives you the product and ends his job
  • Are you willing to pay the developer on a monthly basis for maintaining and upgrading the site

Website development can be a multi-pronged process or even a one-time affair depending on what you are seeking. If the website is crucial to the success of your website, you would want to maintain it continuously and have someone fix bugs immediately. However if the website is merely a footprint of your online presence then you wouldn’t need constant maintenance.

#Factor 3            

Developing From Scratch vs Taking Help from Website Builders

Yet another factor which will determine the cost of your website is how you choose to develop the website. You basically have two options to choose from –

Option 1 – Build everything from scratch

Option 2 – Make use of a website builder

If you are planning to choose Option 1, then you should understand a few things. Building a website from scratch is time-taking and will cost you quite a lot. Nowadays many do not prefer threading this path because of the obvious escalated expenditure it poses. However if you feel that building a website from scratch is crucial to the success of your website, you shouldn’t worry about paying more – after all the end would justify the cost.   

However, if you are choosing Option 2 (which most startups would choose nowadays), then you could not only be saving money but also time and effort. There are several popular website builders such as Wix, WordPress, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Shopify etc which you can use. Most offer users two options – free use and paid services. If you are using the website builder’s free services, you might have to compromise on a few things such as adverts, not getting a personal domain and limited usage bandwidth. But if you are willing to pay for their services, they prove to be quite useful and easy to manage. 

How much you spend on building a website will ultimately depend on why you want a website in the first place. Once you know how important the website is for your business, you can spend money accordingly.

Muskaan Sharma, Project Lead Head, Social Fish

Muskaan Sharma is combined with her passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Currently, she is working as a Project Lead Head at Social Fish.