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Top six CRM apps for startups

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In the world of today, people have centralised and more efficient tools to manage their business activities. This includes management of their finances, inventory, marketing initiatives and returns. These tools and applications are capable of providing a clear picture of resources and investment. They can further assess their investment and the returns they are getting. These tools are effective in providing startups and SMEs insights and information on their activities. This helps them stay aware of their current and future financial standing. 


Salesforce is an on-demand customer relationship management or CRM suite. It offers applications for SMEs with a great emphasis on sales and support. The Salesforce app has the capacity to manage sales, automate marketing campaigns, and manage customer accounts and much more. It helps users track sales leads and much more. It keeps a track of marketing campaigns and your post-sale services. You can also use Salesforce for Outlook to sync your contacts, calendars, tasks, and emails using both the applications. For small-scale businesses, users get to manage their contacts, keep a track of sales, and manage tasks and events and the use of leads. One can also keep a track of their performance. The CRM Salesforce solutions are available as SaaS.

Rating: 4.5


This is one of the cloud-based CRM solutions that enable users to manage their sales pipeline. One can get feedbacks and reports about the performance of the concerned salesperson. The solution is very effective for lead scoring and sales analysis etc. AmoCRM is also capable of providing full visibility of sales. It can be further broken down as lead count, revenue, sales rep etc. It allows users to create custom fields and unique that help them to organise deals and contacts. One can download the mobile version of the app that is available for iOS or Android. The application is available on a monthly as per user. These guys also offer customer services via email and via phone.

Rating: 4.5

Infusionsoft CRM Software:

Infusionsoft CRM Software is one of the best cloud-based solutions. Startups and SMEs can use it for managing sales and marketing campaigns. It offers customer relationship management solutions, marketing automation. It also provides functions for your e-commerce initiatives in a suite. For small businesses belonging to different industries, they help in many ways. It helps them deliver sales volumes and customer services. The application becomes a great analytics tool. It further helps users to conduct analysis depending on various determinants. These determinants can be emails, the performance of your campaigns, the sales, and revenue. This way, they can keep a track of your ROI for your sales and marketing campaigns. One can get access to the application using smartphones and tablets. Also, the app is available on Android and iOS. There are other integrations available including Gmail, SalesForce, Outlook, and QuickBooks. The application is available using a monthly subscription. The support features include support via phone, FAQs, and emails.

Rating: 4.0

FreeAgent CRM:

The Free Agent is one of the cloud-based sales, customer services, and marketing platforms. It is ideal to help out SMEs so that they can develop good and healthy relations with their customers. The system is automatic and gets paired with the user’s email address to create and clarify a lead. One can also get follow-up reminders, perform custom and automated operations and track down all interaction with customers. FreeAgent CRM displays the latest actions and complete history of your customers. You can also assign real-time follow-up so that you can get an increased response time. Having a good response time which is favorable for your company’s/brand’s reputation. The tool is customisable. This means that a user can create his or her own fields, hints, status/stages and reports to get a good understanding of their marketing campaigns. FreeAgent has the capacity to get along almost any device. It also comes with a dedicated mobile application.

Ratings: 4.5

Agile CRM:

Agile CRM is one of the cloud-based CRM solutions designed to meet the needs of an SME. It offers users to manage their contacts and work as a telephony tool too.  You can schedule appointments, automate marketing initiatives, landing page builders and knowledge base functions. Users can not only manage the records of their customers but also get access to customer data. This data can be contact information, interaction records, social media accounts, and lead scores. Email integration is one of the capabilities that allows users to sync their data with the various email services. Not only this, there are other services that users can make use of. There is a way that allows users to keep a track about website visits to carry out different analysis on customer behavior and other dynamics. Also, the CRM service is capable of getting you a way to manage your tasks. You can drag and drop their tasks in a list, sort the tasks at hand and add notes. Also, you can update tasks for yourself and for other members of the team. 

Rating: 4.5


Salesmate is one of the CRM solutions that are cloud-based and helps SMEs throughout the industry. It is capable of performing many tasks. These include tasks like contact management, managing your sales that are in your pipeline, email marketing, and chat and phone integration. The contact management module offered by Salesmate helps users to import contacts from Google, your mobile phone and Excel sheets. It then stores them in a centralised way and assigns contacts and leads to sales and also allows them to manage sales. This means that they can view, organise and set priorities for their sales as well. Also, there is an automated way to create follow-up tasks as well. All this and more is part of this CRM solution on a monthly subscription. It allows you to include support features using support via phone and email.

Rating: 5.0

CRM solutions using Mediacom internet (opens in new tab) can be an ideal combo for use by emerging companies and startups in the world. These are capable of making their life easy with some outstanding features. 

The above mentioned CRM solutions are our pick from the bucket of supercool applications. If you are a startup or an SME looking for a CRM solution, you can have a look at the above options to select from. 

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