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UK firms struggling to balance security and cloud ease of use

(Image credit: Image Credit: Chaiyapop Bhumiwat / Shutterstock)

Businesses are using increasingly more cloud apps in their everyday business, but security remains a headache. 

A new report by Gemalto says that companies are considering using the same authentication methods for business cloud apps, as the ones seen in popular sites like Amazon or Facebook.

Polling more than 1,000 users, the report concludes that authentication needs to be stronger, while ease of use needs to remain at a satisfactory level. All of this points to the way to the “consumeration” of the login process.

One of the biggest concerns businesses are faced with is employees reusing the same password for a multitude of services. Also, many are still not using two-factor authentication, which is generally seen as a good solution.

“These findings clearly show that IT managers are struggling to balance the need for a simple and easy login experience with security,” said Francois Lasnier, SVP identity and access management at Gemalto. 

“While there is a need to make things easier for employees, there is a fine line to be walked. IT and business line managers would do best to figure out the risks and sensitivities associated with the various applications used in their organisations and then use access management policies to manage risk and apply the appropriate authentication method. In this way, they can ensure a convenient login experience for their users, while still maintaining access security.”

Remote working is getting more popular, so organisations see the cloud, and secure access to apps as crucial for success. Almost all of the respondents (94 per cent) believe cloud access management is key to adopting cloud apps. Nine in 10 think ineffective cloud access management can cause all kinds of trouble.

Image Credit: Chaiyapop Bhumiwat / Shutterstock

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