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Vital points to consider while choosing the platform for website development

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Whether you are getting started with a new website development project or planning to renovate your old website, choosing the right platform for your site can make a lot of difference. I am sure you already came to this conclusion if you had the website ready.

Your website is the explainer video of your product/services. So, I am sure you want to offer the best representation of it. However, choosing that “right platform” can be a huge mess, as there are numerous things to consider. There is always this one scoring point of every platform that outweighs other features. Your worry is to select your primary requirements with the platform and get started.

While comparing the website development platforms, here are specific differentiating points that you can use to select the platform as per your business needs.

Your agenda:

Before moving ahead with the website development, decide upon the type of website you want to design. Take your tool on if you wish to create a blog, an e-commerce website, or a static website that explains your business. Discuss with your team or the prospective client about their end goal.

Deciding your agenda behind the website development can brief you a lot of things like the language you should be using. Which web framework can do justice with your needs? Whether you should self host your website or must opt for some external web hosting panels. What are your plans for the website? This can help you with scalability factor that you must consider while choosing the web development platform.

Jot down your requirements:

I know you don’t have everything ready in mind about your website, but if you have the blueprint available, it will be easier to move ahead with mockup designing. So, do all of your research on competitors and list your website requirements.

UI designing: Your website is for users, and that’s why don’t just get yourself driven by the technology, instead think about ways to improve your user experience. It’s natural for you to get pushed by the complicated things, but your goal is to make it easy for your customers. You can consider asking some non-tech person and check for the look and feel of the website and then select it based on the functionality.

Speed and performance:

Do you wait for the website to load if there is nothing wrong with the network? I heard you, not so often. Usually, the website load time should be 3 seconds or less; otherwise, people leave them. And, if a user leaves your website just because of the load time, you have lost half of the battle. At that stage, the alluring designing can’t do any justice. Though that’s the part of website optimisation, your hosting panel and the downtime takes care of the performance of your website.

Security: One of the important factors while considering web development is data security. Your website’s data can help you to grow the customer experience, but the information of users is equally important and should be kept secure. You need to keep an eye on all those loopholes that can lead to data breaches and take the measures to avoid it.

Data migration & backup: While selecting the platform, you must check for the option to take a backup of your website content. When getting started, you may want to try some more straightforward and easy-to-use website designing technology, but later if you're going to migrate more then, you must have the gates open.

Flexibility & adaption:

In the current scenario, technology is changing more rapidly as compared to previous years. That’s why you must look for the web development languages that enables customisation more easily. You must check for the ideas of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and domain-driven-design (DDD) to check for compatibility of technologies with the design and feel of the website.

Opt for open-source technologies:

If you are getting started from scratch, and specifically if dealing individually, it would be better to choose the open source technology. The primary benefit of open source is, you need not create everything from scratch. With pre-designed templates, it will be a lot easier for you to get started building your website. You don’t have to code for every single functionality; instead, you can add them with plugins.

Another significant benefit of using the open-source, you are never alone in your journey; instead, you are connected with the tech brains across the world. So, even if you are stuck somewhere, you have the back of lot many people. You can discuss your issue within the community and get it answered in the real-time.

Long-term Assistance:

Website development is quite like an ongoing process. You can’t master every technology and all the platforms, so that’s for sure that you are going to need further assistance.

That’s an obvious thing that you find yourself more inclined towards mature technologies, as they seem more reliable. But, you must check for the support those communities are offering to you. To ensure yourself, you can check for their updated pages and community pages to understand their pattern of interaction and assistance whenever required.

If you are planning a startup, or diving into the website development for the first time, don’t rethink and confuse yourself, dive in. There are a lot of options that you consider while upgrading your business, but your primary requirement is to make the first move. You can take the help of CMS like Wordpress to create your first landing page. If you are thinking about building a classy and outstanding website in a day, it’s not happening. So, don’t keep yourself stuck between the options; instead, choose the system that has lesser risks involved and begin your web development journey. However, if you have the ideas ready in your mind and want to get the professional look, you can connect with the website development company to give shape to your thoughts in the meantime.

Milan Soni, CEO and co-founder, wedowebapps

Milan Soni is the CEO and co-founder of the wedowebapps- is a leading e-commerce website and mobile app development company, which give the best services. He loves blogging as a hobby and he likes to write on mobile innovations, startup, business and application improvement.