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What is the cloud and how will it affect my business?

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New technologies are continuing to empower businesses of all sizes to create and elevate new customer experiences. With the introduction of real-time messaging, customer self service, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), many industries - including hospitality - are delivering improved customer engagement and service. But at what cost?

Innovation and technology in recent years has drastically changed our shopping habits, including the way we purchase products and order food. As technology continues to evolve, consumers’ expectations of customer service, and their demand for new experiences continues to grow rapidly. In a world where technology is drastically altering customer engagement, traditional restaurant and take-away businesses are struggling to evolve. In 2019, 84 per cent of UK hospitality food businesses are still using little to no technology to support their business operations, and as a result, are fighting to compete with industry leaders.

With this fast progression in technology, especially in artificial intelligence, more and more people are concerned about the impact it will have on their jobs. The primary goal of most tech developers is to create efficiencies and elevate service, ultimately reducing the workload for those in customer facing roles. In return, more positive customer interactions are created, helping to improve customer service as a whole.

The Cloud and Cloud based software is beginning to revolutionise how we buy, access and use commercial applications in every industry.  The prospect of The Cloud may still sound a bit obscure to some, but it is already having a positive impact on many businesses'.

So what exactly is Cloud-based software? This radical piece of technology is often referred to as Software as a Service or “SaaS”. The Cloud allows users to manage and save files, share documents, and run software applications - all through simply having an internet connection. How clever is that? Traditionally, when you bought new software for your computer, whether it be for photo editing, writing documents or playing games, you’d have to pay a large, upfront cost, install it directly onto your personal computer, making sure it was compatible and fast enough to run that specific program. When software is Cloud-based, it means it’s accessed via the internet; so all the processing, storage and heavy lifting is carried out by remote servers, usually in secure data centres.

Software as a service has particular benefits for small and medium-size businesses or those who don't have the cash flow to invest in powerful or bespoke systems. SaaS businesses provide customers the ability to use powerful, fully functioning applications, usually on a low yearly or monthly subscription, eliminating the need for any substantial upfront costs.

Furthermore, Cloud based software can be updated and upgraded with new functionality instantaneously and normally free of charge, meaning your platform will never become antiquated and will never need replacing; so you can rest assured that you can effortlessly remain competitive with the latest technology.

As the hospitality industry is driven by customer experience, Cloud technology such as ePOS smart systems can effectively help businesses reduce costs, improve customer service and help them to stand out from their competitors. ePOS platforms, such as ePOS Hybrid, are created and designed to automate a business’s operations, controlling everything from menu management and stock control, to HR and business reporting from one central platform. 

Why a cloud based POS system?

With features designed specifically to make your business more efficient, you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. The purpose of the system is to make your life and your employees lives, simpler. From customer service, menu design and advertising, a cloud based POS system helps food businesses to achieve their desired growth.

ePOS Hybrid’s new innovative cloud based software is suitable for all businesses within the hospitality industry. With the opportunity to create a personalised package with the features your business needs, you’re not paying for functionality you’re not using.

Below is a detailed outline of why ePOS Hybrid should feature in your digital transformation project in 2019:

Why ePOS smart systems?

Food allergen information

Information about food allergens has been thrown into the spotlight recently due to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) putting pressure on the government. The FSA are urging government ministers to adopt strict new rules regarding food allergens, following the death of 15 year old Natasha Ednan-Laperous.

The easy to use allergen information feature that ePOS Hybrid created can help businesses and takeaways cope with the onerous task of tracking and labelling dishes and ingredients for allergy sufferers. The information is always available to employees making it easier to ensure the safety of all customers.

Stock management helps you save money while protecting the environment.

Another reason your business needs ePOS Hybrid is to improve your stock management. New research from Zero Waste Scotland has claimed that food waste is a bigger cause of climate change than plastics, with the government body urging people to reduce the amount of food they put in the bin. Through comprehensive stock control and management functionality, our system automatically tracks stock usage and generates an extensive report for managers. This highlights wastage patterns and allows managers to take appropriate action, in turn saving them money and protecting the environment.

Bhas Kalangi (CEO and Founder of ePOS Hybrid) said “It’s clear that Scotland’s food waste is a major problem for society and has a terrible impact on the environment. Helping to reduce food waste was one of my major considerations when developing our software as the difficulty in easily monitoring this was something that came up time and again from managers during my research. It’s simply too hard to track food wastage for many businesses so they end up bulk buying products so they don’t run out during service. However, our software enables them to measure the amount of food they’re using in fine detail and therefore tweak their orders accordingly and manage their business more efficiently.”

Menu, Promotion and Advertising management

It’s often difficult for restaurants to update their menu, pricing or promotional offers quickly due to till and technology restrictions. Our menu management feature allows you to add or take away a menu item, create special occasion menus and instantly access dynamic pricing, which can be set up to change depending on the day of the week or time of day. This empowers food businesses to run promotional pricing during quiet periods and automatically switch back to their full price a la carte menu at peak trading times, driving revenue while reducing administration.

With many more exciting features, visit our website ePOS Hybrid for further information about how our products and features can have a positive impact on your business.

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Rebecca Gordon, ePOS Hybrid.