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Whitepaper: Best practices for a 1:1 implementation

(Image credit: Image Credit: James F Clay / Flickr)

Educators are aware that changing instruction and creating meaningful learning experiences is the real goal of using technology in the classroom. To support this goal through a successful 1:1 implementation, they advise:

  • Allowing all stakeholders, including students, to express their needs and concerns 
  • Putting together a clear plan for the implementation of an ideal learning environment 
  • Choosing appropriate professional development for teachers 
  • Building a robust network infrastructure that would be able to support a 1:1 implementation 
  • Integrating new mobile devices with other systems on the network, like printers, scanners, and projectors 
  • Ensuring a steady multi-year funding stream 

The best and most affordable method of delivering content in the classroom is projection, as it is still the most suitable technology for large screens. It facilitates increased student engagement, which means that more learning is taking place. In other words, the more engaged students are, the more they will be open to acquiring new knowledge.

In this whitepaper, you will find out how Casio’s newer interactive projectors can support both teachers and students in the collaborative classroom. These newer network projectors increase interactivity and support student engagement while providing flexible content delivery. 

You will also learn why meaningful, ongoing professional development, not just training in technology, is required for educators to learn how to change and improve instruction and learning.