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Whitepaper: Customer experience essentials for enterprise

(Image credit: Image Credit: Georgejmclittle / Shutterstock)

Over the past decade, singular differentiators including placement, product, price, and promotion have eroded. Brands and businesses across all industries now compete on customer experience. Having a customer-centric engagement strategy is a critical starting line for any business, particularly for brands with limited resources. Competing on experience spans the lifetime of a customer’s engagement with a brand.

Most customer experience philosophies are based on small and mediumsized businesses. There is currently a lack of understanding about enterprise-level companies, and their customers, who can have much more complicated demands. Enterprise businesses need to deliver seamless experiences across all channels enabling audiences to “pick up where they left off.” This means becoming as frictionless as possible — from your engagement platforms, to your shopping and fulfillment mechanisms, to your post-sale execution. You want to keep customers coming back for more. 

This survey and benchmark report uncovers the customer experience management challenges faced by enterprise business leaders across a variety of roles and industries, as well as the role of various business processes and strategies in effectively collaborating to enable great customer experiences.