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Whitepaper: Eight digital best practices for sales professionals

(Image credit: Image Credit: Rawpixel / Pixabay)

According to industry experts, successful businesses will soon become 100 per cent digital for all transactions. The benefits for sales professionals are manifold - their teams will close more deals faster, improve the customer experience, and gain clear competitive advantages.

However, recognising the positives and firmly deciding to devote yours and your team’s efforts to getting there is only the beginning. Once your department is ready to go digital, you’ll need all the best strategies and tools to do so and make the most of it. This paper provides 8 best practices for optimising efficiency and providing true flexibility for teams that have made the cross to the digital side.

These practices include: going for paperless opportunities in core tasks wherever you can (such as electronic signatures and digital documents), encouraging your team to look for revenue friction points (like immense paperwork), increasing visibility into your sales funnel, improving team retention and motivation through technology, embracing mobile technology and workflows for faster reaction time, understanding geographic standards and regulations, enforcing collaboration with your IT and legal departments, as well as analysing and implementing the best practices in consumer services.

For more details on how and why you should introduce these practices into your business and more, fill out the form below to download the guide.