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Whitepaper: Growing radio's leadership role in connected vehicles

(Image credit: Image Credit: Mikko Lemola / Shutterstock)

Even though we’re living in the ‘Internet Age’, broadcast radio has remained the relevant, even dominant listening choice in automotive vehicles everywhere, with billions turning on their in-vehicle radios at least once every week. This also includes the users of the newest vehicle models that have plenty of additional entertainment choices.

Be that as it may, broadcast radio’s listenership has seen a decline due to the competition such as streaming audio heavily intruding its territory. The question inevitably arises - can radio beat streaming at its own game and how? The answer lies in ‘DTS Connected Radio’, a hybrid radio platform designed by Xperi, the company behind HD Radio. The platform provides live local news, weather, and sports updates to listeners wherever they might be, for free.

This way, in-vehicle radio takes the advantages of broadcast radio like the provision of free, ubiquitous, and local content, and combines them with IP-delivered additional content, interactivity, and connectivity in vehicles. This will allow it to enrich its offering and beat any streaming audio competitor in its own game.

Through the hybrid radio model, listeners will get the kind of touchscreen-accessed, feature-rich experience, previously only reserved for streaming audio listeners. As a result, radio will not only successfully compete against in-vehicle streaming services but also maintain, even grow its in-vehicle dominance.

Download the whitepaper to find out more.