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Whitepaper: How high school esports builds teamwork, school spirit among uninvolved students

(Image credit: / Gorodenkoff)

High school football and basketball are no longer the main activities driving the spirit of competition and cooperation among students. The competitive-level video gaming, called ‘esports’, has started to steal the spotlight and push students and spectators away from the traditional high school sports.

Esports in high schools have even led recruiters from more than 250 colleges to offer ‘full-ride scholarships’ to the top high school players. The reason behind this en masse interest lies in the worth of the esports industry itself - over $4 billion and the prestige and prizes that national winners earn for themselves, their schools, and their sponsors.

Seeing the rising popularity of esports, a Texan school district has decided to introduce its very own esports program, organizing interest meetings, and receiving unexpected attention from the students. The program led to the selection of 75 esports athletes.

Although the district has met with unforeseen challenges like calls from college recruiters and parents trying to get their kids on the teams, and the like, the high response has made it more than worth the effort.

By downloading “Turning to Student Voice and Choice for High School Esports” you can learn how schools can take advantage of esports programs that encourage academic accomplishments and build career focus through:

  • Enthusiastic participation by students who would otherwise abstain from organized school activities,
  • Promoting and reporting games, results, and marketing ‘e-athletes’, 
  • Computer training and developing IT skills that can boost learning.