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Whitepaper: The case for AV-over-IP switching

(Image credit: Image Credit: Brooke Cagel / Unsplash)

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Ethernet holds disruptive power in the professional AV industry. New topologies are being considered to send more AV sources to more locations, at longer distances. In these topologies, traditional matrix switchers are supplanted by Ethernet switches. The AV-over-IP approach hailed impressive results at The Quadram Institute in Norwich, England.

This whitepaper presents a clear use case for a 10GB and higher Ethernet switching infrastructure, as well as how NETGEAR’s M4300 and M4500 Series AV-over-IP switching solutions can provide up to 100GB switching for true multicast AV with the proprietary IGMP Plus network configuration. The document also explains why next to 100GB, 1GB still makes sense for some clients, and how NETGEAR can provide the right switch for them as well.

The AV-over-IP switches offered with the M4300 and M4500 Series can expand, upgrade, and meet virtually every performance and budgetary need with a flexible and modular approach, up to 100GB bandwidth. Each of the vendor’s Ethernet ports are entirely bi-directional, which means each port may be treated as an AV input or an AV output, supporting even the more unusual configurations, like 1x23, 6x18, and 4x20.

For businesses, NETGEAR’s fully managed M4300 and M4500 Series offer multiple benefits, including: ease of install, user-friendliness, network impact, security and flexibility.

Download the whitepaper below to find out more.