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Why business owners need to speak digital to employees

(Image credit: Image Credit: Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK )

Many businesses are struggling to keep up with the digital era, the businesses that don’t will eventually shut down. With the wave of technology, businesses are able to automate business operations and better secure the future of their business.

It’s required for business owners to speak digital to their employees, this is by encouraging them to use technology like software, AI, and applications in their work. There are multiple reasons why you need to do this so let’s get to it.

Why do you need to speak digital to employees?

1. Out with the old, in with the new!

Old habits die hard; we all hear this saying but let’s find out how it applies in business. If your employees write reminders and important dates on post-it notes, having them write it on their computers instead will be difficult. There are many apps like Evernote, for example, that allows you to quickly take notes and save them on your desktop.

You can’t enforce change in the office and demand a paperless office. You need to encourage your employees one step at a time to let go of the old habits and adapt to new changes. This rule applies for more than taking notes; if an employee needs something they shouldn’t have to go over to your desk but should reach you through Skype or Slack instead. It can be small changes at first then with time, you can implement bigger changes like project management solutions or automated mail forwarding services.

2. It’ll increase your business’s credibility. 

Whether you’re a large business or a startup, using digital technology will increase your credibility. Using technology will help maintain a professional image for your business and ensure customers, investors, or partners that your business is on track.

With your business up-to-date with the latest technology, issues will are faster and business operations will be smoother; using electronic signature to allow you to sign contracts and docs, fill in dates, and leave your initials electronically and even send them out to recipients to sign as well. This will add to your reputation, giving you better credibility.

3. Improve your customer service.

Using CRM software ERM, email marketing, and sales tools to help make every department more advanced and efficient, clear communication apps, a virtual mailbox; you’ll save the wasted space, reduce paper consumption, and no longer need the extra mail employees helping your customers by providing Mail forwarding service to their business deliveries, Mail scanning service, physical and digital mail storage for your customer’s deliveries.

  And other digital solutions will give your employees that upper hand with customers. You’d easily be able to pull out the customer’s profile, look into the issue, have clear communication, and get the issue resolved.

Prompt responses and efficiently handling issues will significantly improve your customer service; happy customers will lead to more business. Digitalise your business today and don’t miss out on reserving your spot in the future. 

4. A better workflow in all departments.

Besides improving your image and customer service, digital use will improve the internal operations of your business. For starters, if all your employees are using one, centralised project management solution, they’d be able to communicate on projects, leave updates, and get tasks done quicker. The whole business will be on the same page, remote and office employees. You can find software that can facilitate time-consuming operations in every department. For example, accounting can use an invoicing or accounting app to calculate payroll, issue invoices, and monitor profit. And the mailroom can use mailroom software to automate incoming and outgoing mail; the marketing dept. can find multiple apps like email and content marketing apps to use for marketing campaigns, and so much more. 

With business solutions, you get more efficiency and less human errors. So losing an important document or mail piece and getting numbers wrong on an invoice is a thing of the past!

There are also great management tools like online time tracking software and HR solutions that will help you, as a business owner, keep track of your employees’ working hours, work progress, and leaves submission requests.

5. Raise your business on a global scale.

Since the digital world is the future, keeping your business and employees up-to-date with it will give your business the advantage of meeting the current and future market demands. In order for your business to grow, you need a bigger market and that is something you can get through a mobile app, an optimised website, your blog, online payment solutions, and accounting software that facilitates all transactions needed, and other marketing tools.

For small businesses or startups to grow and reach a global scale, you need the right software that can be customised and grow with your customer base.

Business owners need to be sure they’re doing everything they can to achieve a paperless office. In order to stand out in a competitive market, you need the right technology to get a smoother workflow and business growth.

Emma Alexander, web content creator, PostScan Mail (opens in new tab)
Image Credit: Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK 

Emma Alexander, web content creator at PostScan Mail with a 5 years experience in the business sector, Passionate about IT services and sharing experiences.