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Why digital marketers are the best advisors for your online business

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More often than not, an entrepreneur has to wear more than one hat to successfully run a business. Not just sales, you will find them caught up in various things- production, customer service, logistics, etc.  And, if it’s an online business, that’s all the more reason to invest time and money in digital marketing.

Digital marketing (opens in new tab) being the foremost source of trade remains the topmost concern of online businesses. When it comes to hiring a marketing team for them it’s more about judging the capability of the marketers than their brand.

It’s the expertise of a digital marketer that prepares a business for future growth. Marketers not only keep track of existing traffic or numbers but plan beforehand for long term goals of a business. Be it a future opportunity or an upcoming slump, they are there are there to save, attract and maintain the footfall. All the big names you know today, Amazon, Oyo, Zappos, Airbnb, have a great marketing team behind their massive online presence, brand loyalty, and sales.

Let’s take a closer look on how a digital marketing advisor can help a business grow at various stages.

Let’s say you’re just about to launch your online startup:

When launching a startup online (opens in new tab), one needs to take care of several metrics beforehand to ensure its online success. This is where your digital marketer can help and advise you.

  • They help in creating brand identity and awareness  
    A digital marketer will plan exactly how to introduce and establish your business into the market.
  • They help in Data gathering, Market analytics, and ROI
    Digital Marketer gathers data to help decide the marketing campaign budgets. This is done in order to create awareness and build a brand. With such analysis, you can make a pretty good assessment on how much money is required, where it needs to be spent first and to what effectiveness.
  • They help in Creating Customer engagement
    Digital marketers constantly keep your audience informed about various events, happenings and interesting news about your company. They also decide which information is to be released and when.

 When Your Online Presence is in Danger:

Online reputation is most critical to businesses operating online. People search or your brand and see all sorts of content in favour or criticism of your business, how do they trust what they see, and where they see what, is something that needs serious attention. Especially on the days when you’ve got a negative review or mention that can risk your business. It’s time like these when a digital marketer comes to your rescue.

Your digital marketing team can help you improve online presence and save your online reputation. A digital marketing expert can help you in many ways:

  • By responding to the negative reviews timely and most effectively.
  • By suppressing negative links with right techniques and strategies
  • Building a positive image of your brand on different channels
  • By contacting site admins to delete the negative links or reviews

And lastly, after figuring out the issues as to why a negative link is hard to push down, how a negative review is affecting your sales or conversions, and how it is hurting your business they are the ones who know the right amendments to be made to your content.  They can advise you the necessary expense and strategy required to bring your business back on track.

You have decided to Move your Online Business:

It may be because of any number of reasons like –

  • A more user-friendly domain name has become available
  • Your business name has changed and you want your domain to reflect this
  • You want to merge multiple similar domains into one

A critical problem when it comes to moving your online business to some other domain is that the search engine rankings perish. To avoid that, a digital marketer will suggest you appropriate measures on how to keep your rankings and move to a new domain without any hassle.

For example: A good digital marketer or a digital marketing company will recommend moving only a portion of your website- for instance, a subdomain – such that how your rankings are impacted can be tested before you move the entire website. Moving a domain to a new domain is a bit tricky process and one mistake can cause you millions of dollars. At FATbit (opens in new tab), we recommend following suggestions, while moving an online business:

  • Redirect your old pages to new site pages. Make sure to use 301 redirection.
  • Don’t forget to check brand mentions of the new domain.
  • Reach out to your audience through PR or various content marketing strategies to aware them with your new brand name.

When your Website Gets Penalised by Google:

In general, a website gets penalised if any algorithm update like Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc. rolls out. If your digital marketing team doesn’t follow the white hat techniques there are chances of getting hurt due to such algorithm updates.

If it’s a ‘Google manual update’, it will be tough to know why your website got penalised. Internet marketing professionals specialise in SEO so they can help you find and solve that out the issue:

  • With in-depth analysis of Google Analytics and search traffic.
  • By consulting different industry experts.
  • By contacting Google officials on various forums and social media.
  • And, most importantly working with Google norms to remove the penalty from your website:

When you want to get more relevant traffic:

A digital marketing specialist will perform everything mentioned above. A great one will get you all the traffic that you need. Commonly, most of them care to use SEO as the only means to drive traffic and increase search results. If your primary traffic source fails, it could mean the end of your business.

So what else can be done? If search engines are the best source of targeted traffic for an ecommerce website, they won’t necessarily produce the same results for a media company. Depending on your audience’s profile and the industry you are in, a great digital marketing advisor will use other means such as ‘Social Media’ to drive more traffic.

I believe social media can be a wonderful source for creating targeted traffic with the right strategy in place.

A solid marketing person understands when one source isn’t giving the desired results; another can be tried or even tapped into side-by-side. More ways to gather traffic can be online advertising, Guest Blogging, Blog Commenting, Using Q & A websites to market your own.

Whether your digital marketing team will use all of these tactics individually or in parallel is decided by how much work your website requires to rank! 

There are a lot more reasons; I can provide you as to why a Digital Marketer is the best advisor for your online business. But I believe above mentioned are enough for now!

Ankush Mahajan, senior digital marketer and e-commerce consultant, FATbit Technologies (opens in new tab)

Ankush Mahajan
Ankush Mahajan

Working as a marketing manager at FATbit Technologies. Ankush is responsible for managing the company's marketing initiatives - developing strategies and tactics to boost the company’s reputation and drive qualified traffic. Uses market research, analysis, and own innovative ideas to develop a cohesive and profitable marketing strategy for the company and its clientele.