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Why should my business rent IT equipment?

The backbone of any business are their resources. The resources that you have at your disposal - whether that’s budget, staff or equipment - will have a knock-on effect on the success of your business.

IT equipment plays a vital role in relation to the success of your company. After all, you would no doubt struggle to operate your business without your beloved technology.

There are a number of important business considerations when choosing your vendor. Neglect these and you’ll soon see that the grass is much greener on the other side. We’ve gathered the main points below to help steer your business on the right track.  

Annual or Monthly Budget

Identify how much budget you have for hiring your devices. It’s worth breaking this down into annual, quarterly and monthly amounts so that you’re forearmed before you start contacting vendors for quotes.

If you really want to hone your costs, why not split them even further and decide how much of your budget you want to assign to certain devices? This should stop you going over budget as you’ll have clear guidelines in place for each device that you need to hire.

Lease Term

How long do you need equipment for? The beauty of renting is that it offers a level of flexibility that buying lacks. If you only need certain devices for a short period of time, it’s not a problem. Most vendors will offer flexible lease terms designed to suit your business.

Type of Equipment 

You can rent an array of IT and AV equipment to suit your business needs. The most common items that businesses hire include: Laptops, iPads, Plasma/LED Screens, iPhones, Projectors, Servers 

Maintenance Costs 

Forget the headache of trying to fix IT issues and the unpleasant price tag it comes with. High-quality vendors typically offer helpdesk support as standard. Assistance is just a phone call away, with skilled technicians ready to help with installation, setup and maintenance. This will normally be included in your hire package but it’s worth double-checking.

Tax and Depreciation

If you opt to buy your equipment straight away, you’ll notice it will depreciate in value over time. When you rent for business purposes, you can preserve capital and work within your business constraints. Most IT hire equipment is also tax deductible. 

Equipment Usage

Hire equipment can be used for much more than bolstering your office supplies. A recent survey by Hire Intelligence showed that 34.2 per cent of UK businesses hire IT equipment for conferences, in-house training and internal projects. You can also hire IT and AV devices for: Exhibitions, trade shows, staff presentations, disaster recovery or moving Offices  

The Renting Process

Step 1: Find the right product for you. Step 2: Pick your vendor. Step 3: Decide if you need a short or long-term rental. Step 4: Complete a rental form and submit it. Step 5: Your equipment arrives and you start saving  

Business Benefits of Renting

The business benefits of renting your IT and AV equipment are vast. Research indicates that renting your equipment rather than purchasing it can help reduce company expenditure by 26.3 per cent. Other benefits of renting include:

Avoiding technical issues – Most vendors will include maintenance as part of the hire agreement. This means that once your order is placed you don’t need to worry about setup, installation or ongoing maintenance once it arrives.

Flexible lease-terms – Perfect for those one-off events or sudden surges in demand. Whether you’re looking for a short or long-term lease period, renting provides the flexibility your business needs.

Up-to-date technology – Upgrade your equipment without the need to invest in new technology.

Trying before you buy – You can try out a range of equipment to see what fits your needs, then decide what to invest in.

Reducing company expenditure – Renting IT and AV equipment is extremely cost effective. It allows you to get the best tech around at a much lower cost than buying it outright. 


If you’re thinking of investing in new IT equipment for your business, it’s worth considering renting.  It offers a vast array of business benefits and is completely centred around your business demands. Discover more about the business benefits of renting your IT and AV equipment.

Paul Johnson, General Manager at Hire Intelligence UK

Image source: Shutterstock/Eugenio Marongiu