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Best employee experience tools of 2021

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Best employee experience tools
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The best employee experience tools are designed to help HR and company managers create the perfect workplace and maximize productivity.

The best employee experience tools

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1. Oasis

2. 15Five

3. Fond

4. Officevibe

5. Qualtrics

6. Kudos

There are numerous different platforms available, and many include features like employee surveys, streamlined communication, team sentiment analysis, and straightforward reporting tools.

In general, companies use employee experience tools to reduce wasted time and improve the working environment. When a comprehensive modern system is deployed, it will often replace numerous independent systems that didn’t work well together. On top of this, many platforms include onboarding training, employee benefits management, and tools to make payment and holidays easier.

In this article, we look at the best employee experience tools available on the market. Most of these programs have some form of demo or free trial, so you can test out an option before committing to a paid plan.


(Image credit: Oasis)

1. Oasis

The best HR outsourcing service

Comprehensive features
Self-service platform
Fortune 500 benefits

Oasis is a Paychex-owned Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and provides a full range of full HR solutions for business, to cover the entire employee lifecycle.

This means covering everything from recruitment to onboarding, payroll and benefits, as well as development and training. Oasis also ensures regulatory compliance and mitigating risk.

Oasis does this through a combination of self-service computer software for easier employee management, to personalized support to ensure you're getting the help you need.

Performance management also ensures that employee development works in line with your business strategy.

Because Oasis is part of Paychex, which has offices across the US, the company can offer competitive benefits and insurance packages for employees on a par with those offered by Fortune 500 companies.


(Image credit: 15Five)

2. 15Five

One of the best employee experience tools

Powerful feedback management tools
Facilitates employee acknowledgment where required
Friendly, helpful customer service team
Great goal setting and monitoring tools
Limited integrations with third-party software
Some features are a little clunky
Could be expensive for large teams

15Five offers one of the best employee experience tools available. It’s designed for businesses that want to optimize the work experience for remote employees and teams, and it features a great selection of tools to achieve this goal.

For example, 15Five has a simple interface that allows employees to provide feedback about the working experience. Using this data, you can transform the employee experience. Various management tools are also included to bring your team closer together and make it more productive. You can even create, track, and edit team goals and long-term aims.

Those who want to test the 15Five experience will benefit from the comprehensive free trial. Paid plans charge per person, per month, and custom enterprise solutions are also available.


(Image credit: Fond)

3. Fond

A powerful platform designed to help businesses

Innovative rewards-based system
Allow employees to recognize exceptional performance
Powerful data-tracking tools
A limited selection of tools
No employee feedback features
Custom prices can be high

Fond is a powerful platform designed to help businesses recognize and reward productive employees. For many leaders, it has become a crucial employee experience tool due to its advanced features and employee-centric nature.

This platform has quite a unique rewards program. Employees can reward each other with points for doing a good job or working above and beyond expectations. These points can be accumulated and then redeemed for rewards and/or other perks via the Fond platform.

With Fond, you will have access to a selection of performance analytics tools and corporate discounts on things like gym memberships and entertainment. Do note, however, that prices are developed on a case-by-case basis, which means you will need to contact the company for a custom quote.


(Image credit: Officevibe)

4. Officevibe

A simple yet powerful employee experience tool

Affordable employee experience software
Includes various feedback tools
Supports collaboration and team building
Integrates with Slack, email, and SMS platforms
Relatively limited employee experience tools
Navigating within the platform can be confusing
Survey questions can be redundant and repetitive

Officevibe is a simple yet powerful employee experience tool with a focus on team development and collaboration. When used correctly, the platform can help build better employee relationships and improve productivity throughout the workplace.

Officevibe uses basic feedback tools to collect information from employees. If required, anonymous surveys can be created to protect employee privacy. Using the information collected, team managers can then work alongside employees to address any issues.

On top of this, the standard version of Officevibe is absolutely free. A premium plan charges per user per month and offers among the best prices available.


(Image credit: Qualtrics)

5. Qualtrics

One of the world’s most popular employee experience platforms

Powerful, employee-centric platform
Includes versatile management features
Helps identify organizational blind spots
Includes onboarding and training tools
Expensive, with no free trial
Customer support can be slow
Confusing to get started with
Complicated user interface

Qualtrics is one of the world’s most popular employee experience management platforms. It has a selection of advanced tools and is designed for organizations and companies of all sizes.

For example, Qualtrics has the resources for leaders to improve employee engagement and satisfaction, streamline the hiring and firing processes, and gather and act on employee feedback. You will also benefit from various onboarding tools, a benefits optimizer, and a selection of employee development features.

Note that Qualtrics doesn’t openly advertise their prices so you will need to contact a sales rep for a custom quote.


(Image credit: Kudos)

6. Kudos

A unique employee experience tool

Private social network
Enables employee recognition
Desktop and mobile support
API enables integration with other tools
Limited set of tools
Confusing interface for beginners
Platform customization is difficult

Kudos is slightly different from the other best employee experience tools in this article. Rather than being a feedback platform or direct monitoring program, it actually works as a private social network.

In this way, Kudos empowers your employees to recognize their workmates and their contributions. Exceptional performance can be rewarded, and it becomes easier than ever to build a strong, cohesive team.

Research suggests that a lack of recognition and/or appreciation is one of the main reasons for employees quitting their job. It makes sense, then, that Kudos could benefit you and your team.

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