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The best anonymous image hosting sites

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By using the best anonymous hosting solutions, you can host websites, images, and other content without linking any of it to you, your name or other personal details. This can be useful for those wanting to upload content that could be sensitive or controversial—within reason, of course.

When using an anonymous image hosting site, usually you can upload and manage your photos without needing to create an account. In following the proper browser security practices, including using a VPN, the images won’t be able to be linked back to you in any way. 

However, the quality of anonymous image hosting sites can vary significantly. Many are quite new, and don’t have an established reputation, meaning that there’s always a risk of them disappearing—and taking your files with them. 

As a result, we decided to compile the following guide, which compiles the best anonymous image hosting platforms. Within this list, you'll find a range of well-known options, alongside a few less popular choices that nevertheless bring a lot to the table.

What is web hosting? All you need to know to find the right provider

Hostinger is one of the leading web hosting and anonymous hosting services:

Hostinger: a versatile, all-in-one anonymous hosting solution

Hostinger: a versatile, all-in-one anonymous hosting solution  
Hostingeris one of the best web hosting services, and supports fully anonymous accounts to build websites. Prices start from $1.39 a month with 30GB storage and 100GB bandwidth limits, though you can upgrade, and Hostinger accepts a range of crypto payments. The only identifying information needed is an email address, which can again be created anonymously.

The best anonymous image hosting sites available

Imgur's user interface

Imgur offers leading anonymous image hosting solutions  (Image credit: Imgur)

1. Imgur

Best all-around anonymous image hosting site

Max file upload size: 20MB
Account required: No
Free storage: 50 images per hour
Reasons to buy
+Streamlined and easy to use+Backed by years of successful operation
Reasons to avoid
-Limits on content types-Phone number required for an account

Imgur is a popular image and file-sharing website that enables users to share images anonymously. It has existed since 2009, and has developed a strong reputation and a community of millions of regular users. 

Now, there are a few things to note about Imgur. For one, it supports video files as well as simple images, which will make it an attractive option for many people. All files can be uploaded without creating an account, and you will be given a link to each file so you can share it to your website, blog, social media, or anywhere else you need to. 

However, you will be somewhat constrained when it comes to the type of content you can upload. As would be expected, anything that’s illegal in your place of residence is strictly forbidden on Imgur. This includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, child pornography, terrorism-related media, and anything else that you can’t legally be in possession of. 

Imgur users also agree not to upload “gore”, any threatening, demeaning, harassing, or defamatory material, or anything that encourages violence or crime. Now, this is quite a broad policy, but remember that Imgur has the final say when determining whether your files violate its terms of service. 

Images and videos can be uploaded anonymously without having to create an account. However, you will have to add your phone number if you do sign up, which can make it hard to remain truly anonymous. Image uploads have a 20MB maximum file size limit, and you can only upload up to 50 images per hour.

Postimage's webpage

Postimage offers streamlined, reliable, and anonymous image hosting (Image credit: Postimage)

2. Postimage

Reliable anonymous image hosting

Max file upload size: 24MB
Account required: No
Free storage: No defined limits
Reasons to buy
+Anonymous accounts are available+No strict upload limits+Excellent website plugins for image addition
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy advertising across the board-Some material isn’t accepted

Postimage is one of the oldest anonymous image-sharing platforms around. It has been operating smoothly since 2004, so you can rest assured that it provides reliable, streamlined service across the board. 

Although it appears a little simple at first glance, there’s a lot to like about this platform. For one, it doesn’t impose any file upload size limits. Images can also be posted without creating an account, although opening a new account is as easy as adding your email address. 

There’s also a neat Windows app that you can use to upload images directly from your desktop. What’s more, the intuitive website plugins are designed to help you add images directly to forums, comment threads, and more. 

The usual content constraints apply, restricting you from posting any illegal material or anything that could be considered “hate speech”. However, Postimage goes one step further; it doesn’t accept adult or NSFW content of any description.

You will also be constrained by a 24MB file upload size limit. You can upload up to 1,000 images at a time, and you won’t have any strict storage limitations—although Postimage does reserve the right to reach out to you to discuss premium subscription options if your usage is very high. 

Meanwhile, premium account options are available for unlimited image hosting. Prices range from $3.49 a month for a three-year subscription to $11.95 a month with monthly payments. A subscription also unlocks a 48MB maximum file upload size, and removes all advertising for you and anyone who views your images.

Pasteboard's user interface

Pasteboard offers fast and simple anonymous image uploads (Image credit: Pasteboard)

3. Pasteboard

Fast, simple, and anonymous image hosting

Max file upload size: 10MB
Account required: No
Free storage: Not specified
Reasons to buy
+Very fast and simple to use+Anonymous hosting across the board
Reasons to avoid
-Few management features-Low 10MB file size limit

If you’re looking for a rapid, straightforward, and anonymous image hosting solution, Pasteboard could be your best option. Although its services are quite basic, it provides virtually everything you need to host images 100% anonymously. 

Upload new files by copy-pasting, dragging them to the upload box, or selecting them from your computer. Alternatively, take advantage of the webcam integration to snap new images with the click of a button. 

Like many of the other sites on this list, Pasteboard doesn’t accept illegal, pornographic, or gory content. Although this type of content isn’t actively policed, it will be deleted if noticed. Only PNG, APNG, GIF, TIFF, and JPEG files are supported, and the file upload size limit is a relatively low 10MB. 

For a higher limit, access to editing tools, and the ability to display images in public albums, you will need to purchase a premium account (from $3 a month). Premium accounts weren’t publicly available at the time of writing, but they were expected to launch very shortly. 

ImgBB's website

ImgBB offers versatile anonymous image hosting  (Image credit: ImgBB)

4. ImgBB

Best anonymous uploader for website integration

Max file upload size: 32MB
Account required: No
Free storage: No limit
Reasons to buy
+Excellent uploader plugin available+API compatibility for more advanced users
Reasons to avoid
-All files require approval from ImgBB team-Multi-photo link sharing is limited

ImgBB essentially offers the power of popular image hosting services such as Flickr in an anonymous manner. This is excellent, but the service certainly isn’t perfect.

For starters, all files are moderated by an ImgBB employee to ensure they don’t show restricted content. This won’t bother some people, but it will be a major deal-breaker for others. 

The 32MB file size limit is quite generous, though, and the auto-delete function is excellent. With this, you can set an expiry time on your images, which can range from five minutes to one month. Or, simply ignore this setting if you don’t want your files to erase themselves automatically. 

There’s also a file uploading plugin, which you can embed within your website if required. With this, images can be uploaded to ImgBB’s servers directly from your site, which is a neat feature. 

Files can be uploaded with full anonymity if you don’t create an account. You also won’t need to add any personal details if you do create an account, which makes it a useful option for managing your files. 

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a premium account (from $2.99 a month) for unlimited storage, a 64MB file size limit, and full API access. However, PayPal is the only available payment option here, which makes a premium account far from anonymous.

Hostinger's homepage

Hostinger offers versatile anonymous hosting solutions for all users (Image credit: Hostinger)

Powerful anonymous image hosting for webmasters

Max file upload size: None
Account required: Yes
Free storage: None
Reasons to buy
+A versatile solution for image and website hosting+Crypto payments are accepted
Reasons to avoid
-No free-forever option-Can take a while to set up

If you’re looking for a versatile, all-in-one anonymous hosting solution, we’d highly recommend using Hostinger. It’s up there with the most popular web hosting providers in the world, and it supports fully anonymous accounts. 

Now, if you simply want to host images anonymously, Hostinger probably isn’t the best option for you. Creating an account and getting started will take some time, which makes this a more attractive option for those who want to create an anonymous website complete with anonymous image hosting. 

If you do think about using Hostinger, it’s worth understanding that it doesn’t offer out-of-the-box image hosting. Instead, you will need to install a content management system such as or Joomla, which you can use as a base interface for your image-hosting needs. 

Another thing to note is that Hostinger doesn’t offer any free hosting solutions. You will need to pay for a premium account, and prices start from $1.39 a month. This comes with a 30GB storage and 100GB bandwidth limit, but upgrading to more advanced accounts will give you higher limits. 

To maintain full anonymity, Hostinger accepts a range of crypto payments. The only identifying information you need to provide is an email address, which can be fully anonymous as well if you set it up correctly. Find out more about the web host by reading our comprehensive Hostinger review.

IMAGEBAM's homepage interface

IMAGEBAM offers fast, secure, anonymous image hosting  (Image credit: IMAGEBAM)


A great option for adult content

Max file upload size: Unspecified
Account required: No
Free storage: No limit
Reasons to buy
+Adult content allowed+All features available for free
Reasons to avoid
-Few file types accepted-Limited information about the platform’s reliability

IMAGEBAM is another basic anonymous image-hosting platform offering simple, free hosting across the board. Upload both image and video files directly from your PC via the intuitive uploader and apply various content settings.

Without an account, you can flag content as family-friendly or adult-related. Set the size of the thumbnail associated with your image, and check the "Put to Gallery" box to make it available publicly. 

Upgrading to a premium account will give you access to various advanced tools, including the ability to manage your files from one central dashboard. This can be done anonymously, as the only information required is an email address, user name, and password. Remember, though, that you will need to use a deep web connection and/or a VPN to ensure full anonymity.

One thing we like about IMAGEBAM is the relative freedom it allows. Obviously, illegal content and copyrighted material aren’t allowed. There’s also a restriction on media depicting or spreading messages of terrorism and terrorism-related acts. Apart from this, though, you will be free to upload virtually any type of media you would like.'s web browser interface offers privacy-focused anonymous image hosting  (Image credit:


Anonymous image hosting with a focus on privacy

Max file upload size: 200MB
Account required: No
Free storage: Unlimited
Reasons to buy
+No restrictions on file type+Excellent 200MB file size limit
Reasons to avoid
-File removal can be a little difficult-No information about the parent company

If you’re looking for an anonymous image host that focuses on privacy, may be your best option. It’s designed for those who don’t want any information to be tracked or logged. There’s not even an account creation option, which speaks volumes about the type of privacy you can expect. 

On top of this, all files are fully encrypted on’s servers, ensuring that no one can access them without the correct access permissions. 

According to the platform’s terms of service, virtually any content is allowed to be uploaded. Obvious exceptions include illegal content, but you will be free to upload adult and other restricted images that many platforms won’t accept. is also quite easy to use, with a streamlined uploading interface, no restrictions on file types, and a generous 200MB file upload size limit.

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