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The best iPhone VPN of 2019

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The iPhone has transformed the mobile market, not least for the fact that it is considered to be a stable smartphone whose owners have little to fret about when it comes to security. Even so, Apple itself can’t protect your privacy on the Internet from the prying eyes of your ISP, government, or hackers.

So if you want to protect your digital privacy and access geo-restricted content or any censored or banned material on your iPhone, you'll need a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Here is our list of the the best VPN providers for hiding your online identity and masking your IP location while using your iPhone.

Best iPhone VPNs

The most versatile VPN out there

Number of servers: 3000+
Server locations: 160
IP addresses: 30,000
Maximum devices supported: 3
Reasons to buy
+ User-friendly iOS client with quick setup + Excellent performance 
Reasons to avoid
- A bit expensive - Only 3 simultaneous connections 

ExpressVPN is the top choice when it comes to versatility, offering an extensive network of servers across the globe, giving you over 3,000 servers in 94 countries to choose from, guaranteeing great speeds wherever you may be. 

This is especially important when you’re streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video - all of which are supported by ExpressVPN. Plus, if you want to experience better connections in places like China and the Middle East where Internet use can be limited, ExpressVPN can help you out.

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ExpressVPN’s iOS app is extremely easy to set up and use, and their website has a huge collection of how-to guides and manuals explaining in detail the installation and use of their clients. The iOS client has a user-friendly interface allowing you to connect with a single tap and select servers according to various filters. It supports iOS 8 and higher, so you might have access to better support for the iPhone than with other providers.

Speaking of support, ExpressVPN has a friendly team of experts available 24/7 to answer your every question and concern. You can reach them through live chat or email, whichever you’re more comfortable with. Their strict no-logs policy ensures your data is perfectly safe from any government’s prying eyes.

Having said that, it’s a shame all these perks are available for only three devices at the same time.

Another thing some might have an issue with is the price. Let’s be honest, all the perks ExpressVPN offers can’t come cheaply. But if you want to have the best VPN experience on your iOS device, it’s absolutely worth it. Moreover, ExpressVPN offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can have a refund if you realize what they offer doesn’t really work for you.

The optimal solution is the yearly subscription plan, which will get you an extra three months for free. The available plans are:

Special deal [$6.67 a month] 12 months + 3 months free - $99.95
[$9.99 a month] 6-months - $59.95
[$12.95 a month] 1-month - $12.95

Top combination of price and performance

Number of servers: 1000+
Server locations: 60+
IP addresses: 40000+
Maximum devices supported: 10
Reasons to buy
+ Superb performance+ Excellent iOS client 
Reasons to avoid
- A bit pricier than its competitors - No free trial 

IPVanish is another top-notch VPN providers, offering impressive performance with great speeds over long distances. It supports iOS 8 and higher and connects automatically whenever it detects internet traffic. Plus, you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time.

The app itself comes with a large number of protocols, and the company promises not to keep any logs concerning your online activity and connection data.

The pricing might deter some people but the service quality certainly justifies it. Another bone we have to pick with IPVanish is the fact that they don’t have a free trial per se. Nonetheless, their seven-day money-back guarantee gives you a sneak peek into what they have to offer.

Should you choose to use their services in the long run, we suggest taking the one-year subscription.

There are three available plans:

[$4.87 a month] 1-year - $58.49
[$6.74 a month] 3-month - $20.24
[$7.50 a month] 1-month - $7.50

Superfast VPN

Number of servers: 700+
Server locations: 70+
IP addresses: 200,000+
Maximum devices supported: 5
Reasons to buy
+ Outstanding speeds + No ‘single IP address’ limit for connections 
Reasons to avoid
- Some logging - Not so cheap 

VyprVPN is one of the 1-tier VPN providers, which means it owns and operates all of its servers, and means you get impressive download speeds.

The app supports iOS 9 and higher, so it excels in this manner as well. Additionally, it includes practical features such as automatic fastest server selection, iPad compatibility, and automatic encryption of untrusted Wi-Fi connections. And that’s not all. If you choose the Swiss-based provider, you won’t be restricted by the number of IP addresses. This means you can access the network via router, mobile phone network through 3G/4G, etc.

Of course, VyprVPN has a solid no-logs policy, promising not to keep track of your online activities. Be that as it may, some session logging, such as connection times, does take place.

VyperVPN offers two subscription packages, with options to be billed either monthly or annually. We suggest selecting the annual option as it will save you quite a bit of money. That said, VyprVPN isn’t very cheap and if you want to test out the service before buying, there’s only a three-day period to do it for free. We were told by the customer service that VyprVPN does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, depending on the link used. Most of the time though, you’ll just get the three-day testing period.

The subscription plans available are:

[$5.00 a month] Basic plan, 1-year - $60.00
[$9.95 a month] Basic plan, 1-month - $9.95

[$6.67 a month] Premium plan, 1-year - $80.00
[$12.95 a month] Premium plan, 1-month - $12.95

Most secure VPN

Number of servers: 5019
Server locations: 62
IP addresses: N/A
Maximum devices supported: 6
Reasons to buy
+ Wide array of servers + Military-grade security 
Reasons to avoid
- Expensive monthly billing 

If you choose NordVPN for your iPhone, you’ll get an intuitive app that is very easy to use, even for VPN newbies. Its eye-catching interface includes the ‘quick connect’ widget with details such as the closest server, availability, server load, etc. The provider has a large number of servers spread across 62 countries, guaranteeing a solid performance.

As for security, the Panama-based provider prides itself with military-grade 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch (which prevents your data from being exposed should a VPN connection unexpectedly drop), as well as double data encryption, meaning your data goes through two separate VPN servers. In addition, NordPVN has a strict no-logs policy, so your private information is safe from prying eyes.

To be honest, the monthly billing is expensive, that’s for sure. Even so, you can sign up for a free trial if you’re not sure you want to make the long-term commitment. You just have to dig a bit around the site, as it’s not visibly presented (we recommend Google search for ‘NordPVN free trial’). Although the monthly pricing may not be suitable for everyone, we can assure you the rest of the paid subscriptions are rather fairly priced. The limited three-year plan gives you the best value for money. 

The available subscription plans are: 

[$11.95 a month] 1-month - $11.95
[$9.00 a month] 6-months - $54.00
[$6.99 a month] 1-year - $83.88
[$3.99 a month] 2-years - $95.75 

Low-cost VPN

Number of servers: 700+
Server locations: 34
IP addresses: N/A
Maximum devices supported: 5
Reasons to buy
+ Blazing speeds + Free 24-hour trial 
Reasons to avoid
- One-month plan is a tad expensive - Some logging 

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, SaferVPN has a wide range of software clients at your disposal, including, of course, the iOS app. The app is simple and quick to set up and connect as it selects automatically the best server location for you, providing you with top VPN speeds.

The fact that SaferVPN does log some session data might come as a disadvantage, but none of this information reveals anything about your actual online activities.

Another drawback might be the price of its one-month subscription plan, which is a tad high.

Nevertheless, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always ask for a refund if you’re less than satisfied with the service. There’s also a free 24-hour trial which allows you to test the waters with no limitations. 

The plans available are:

[$10.99 a month] 1-month
[$5.49 a month] 1-year - $65.88
[$3.29 a month] 2-years - $78.96

 How to choose the best iPhone VPN 

The most important things you need to pay attention to when choosing the best iPhone VPN provider are the ease-of-use, security, privacy policy, number of simultaneous connections, as well as performance.

Whichever VPN provider you choose, make sure the iOS client is simple enough to download and use if you’re a beginner but with a sufficient number of options for more advanced users who want to modify a few things.

It should have tight online security, even while using public Wi-Fi, and a favourable no-logs policy. The number of simultaneous connections should also be the deciding factor, as well as the speeds offered by the VPN provider of your choice.

Image Credit: Rob Eradus / Pexels

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