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The best VPN for torrenting of 2019

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Torrenting is a file sharing protocol based on P2P technology, allowing users to share small parts of a larger file between each other without having to rely on a single source for downloads.

Although torrenting itself isn’t illegal, downloading copyrighted material without permission is, and we certainly do not condone such behaviour. 

That said, you should always use a VPN while torrenting as VPNs encrypt data leaving your computer, mask your true location, and keep you safe from hackers. When you’re sharing a file over a torrent client, anyone on the network that you’re sharing files with can see your IP address. 

Therefore if you want ensure you stay anonymous online, a good VPN provider is the way to go - here's our pick of the top providers around today.

How to choose the best VPN for torrenting 

First off, you'll need to ensure that your chosen VPN actually supports torrenting. You also need to look into download speeds that will facilitate the optimal experience, as well as privacy and security.

The privacy policy needs to be intelligibly outlined and understandable and has to have a clear no-logging guarantee. Tight security is only possible with strong encryption, protection against DNS leaks, and a kill switch that keeps your data safe from prying eyes if the VPN connection suddenly drops.

1. ExpressVPN

Most versatile VPN for P2P traffic

Number of servers: 2000+ | Server locations: 148 | IP addresses: 30,000 | Maximum devices supported: 3

 Large number of servers 
 Strict no-logs policy 
 A bit expensive 
 Supports only 3 simultaneous connections 

ExpressVPN is one of the leading an all-round VPN services around today, with servers spread across 94 countries. As mentioned above, speed is one of the most important things you need to watch for when choosing a VPN for torrenting.

This provider is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, well-known for its lack of data retention laws, so you can be sure your information will be safe from the prying eyes of governments, ISPs, and hackers. 

ExpressVPN also clearly states on their website that they have a strict no-logs policy, which means they keep absolutely no activity or connection logs.

The service prides itself with airtight security achieved with the help of its split-tunneling feature which lets you route some of your device or app traffic through the VPN while other devices or apps maintain direct access to the internet. This is an especially useful feature when it comes to torrenting as you can choose to protect only the torrent client, while all your other online activities remain unaffected.

ExpressVPN’s top-level encryption and a wide range of protocols are the other ingredients that make a superb VPN service. It only supports three simultaneous connections but we guess you can’t have everything.

In addition, ExpressVPN certainly isn’t a cheap provider but you do get what you pay for. If by any chance you end up unhappy about any segment of their service, just contact the friendly customer support team that is available 24/7. They will first try to help you with any problems that might be affecting their service but if it still doesn’t work out, you can demand a refund under their 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The available subscription plans are:

Special deal [$6.67 a month] 12 months + 3 months free - $99.95
[$9.99 a month] 6-months - $59.95
[$12.95 a month] 1-month - $12.95

2. IPVanish

Best combination of performance and power

Number of servers: 1000+ | Server locations: 60+ | IP addresses: 40,000+ | Maximum devices supported: 5

 No-logs policy
 Impressive speeds 
 A tad pricey 
 No free trial 

IPVanish regularly finds itself among one of the top-tier VPN providers out there. This is because it boasts outstanding features including high download speeds, wide server coverage, unlimited P2P traffic, and easy-to-use intuitive apps for a large number of platforms.

The provider promises not to keep any logs pertaining to your online activities. This, in combination with military-grade encryption through a wide range of protocols and an automatic kill switch feature, makes IPVanish a force to reckon with in terms of privacy and security.

That said, pricing might deter some of the folks out there, as it’s not the cheapest. There’s also no free trial to test all the amazing things you read in here but there’s a seven-day money-back guarantee that lets you utilize the service with no limitations during the said period. 

The packages available are:

[$4.87 a month] 1-year - $58.49
[$6.74 a month] 3-month - $20.24
[$7.50 a month] 1-month - $7.50

3. NordVPN

Best torrenting VPN in terms of security

Number of servers: 5019 | Server locations: 62 | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 6

 Impermeable security 
 Solid performance 
 Expensive monthly plan 

NordVPN is envied for its impressive security ensured by the support for all the usual security protocols, an automatic kill switch, 256-bit encryption, as well as double data encryption. This particular feature makes sure that your data goes through two separate VPN servers, thus adding another layer of security. If you’re worried about your privacy, don’t be. NordVPN has a clear no-logs policy.

The Panama-based VPN service has a huge network of servers around the globe, offering first-rate download speeds.

As for pricing, it’s very reasonable except for the monthly plan. You can get a free three-day trial which is a bit hard to find on the website but don’t get discouraged. Dig around a bit and you’ll find it (we also suggest googling ‘NordVPN free trial’). 

The plans available are:

[$11.95 a month] 1-month - $11.95
[$9.00 a month] 6-months - $54.00
[$6.99 a month] 1-year - $83.88
[$3.99 a month] 2-years - $95.75

4. VyprVPN

Excellent mix of speed and security

Number of servers: 700+ | Server locations: 70 | IP addresses: 200,000+ | Maximum devices supported: 5

 Outstanding performance 
 Proprietary Chameleon protocol 
 Some logging 
 Monthly plans are a bit costly 

VyprVPN is a tier-1 VPN provider, which means it fully owns and operates all of its servers. For you, this means that it can deliver top speeds on a consistent basis. In addition, this VPN boasts over 700 servers in more than 70 locations around the world, so you can be sure you’ll get an excellent performance needed for torrenting.

The Switzerland-based VPN offers some pretty neat features, such as its proprietary Chameleon security protocol which scrambles OpenVPN packet metadata to make sure it’s safe from deep packet inspection (DPI) and VPN blocking and throttling. But that’s not all folks, the list also includes auto-connect options if the connection drops, a kill switch preventing your sensitive data from becoming exposed in an event of a sudden connection drop, as well as the provider’s own DNS.

VyperVPN has a solid no-logs policy. However, some logging does occur, mostly refers to keeping session data, for instance connection times. This data is deleted after 30 days.

We were told by the VyprVPN customer service that, depending on the link used, VyprVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Most of the time though, you just get a three-day free trial. Make sure to check this with their customer support which is available 24/7.

VyprVPN isn’t very low-priced. There are two billing options for two plans (Basic and Premium). We suggest the annual option as it will cost you less than the monthly one in the long run. 

The subscription plans available are:

[$5.00 a month] Basic plan, 1-year - $60.00
[$9.95 a month] Basic plan, 1-month - $9.95
[$6.67 a month] Premium plan, 1-year - $80.00
[$12.95 a month] Premium plan, 1-month - $12.95

(Image credit: Image Credit: BufferedVPN)

5. Buffered VPN

Top VPN for desktop PCs

Number of servers: N/A | Server locations: 45 | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 5

 High speeds 
 Up to 5 simultaneous connections 
 Slightly buggy Windows app 
 Not very cheap 

Headquartered in Hungary, Buffered VPN is one of the top VPN services for torrenting as it gives its customers fast and reliable performance. The testing we conducted resulted in consistent speeds, almost the same as using the Internet without the VPN.

They also have a strict no-logs policy, so you don’t have to worry about your data ending up in the wrong hands.

Buffered allows up to 5 connections at the same time, which is a huge plus in the VPN sphere. However, this a bit shadowed by the fact that the native Windows app comes with a few glitches that could lead to bigger problems (not necessarily for you, but still). 

To be honest, Buffered is a tad pricey. Nevertheless, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided that you don’t exceed 100 sessions, 10 hours of sessions, and 10GB of bandwidth. The available subscription plans are:

[$12.99 a month] 1-month - $12.99
[$9.99 a month] 6-months - $59.94
Special offer [$7.62 a month]12-months + 1 month free - $99.00

Image Credit: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock