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The best WordPress hosting of 2019

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So you want to start a blog and continue managing it over time. Kicking it off is simple and cheap enough as WordPress itself is free and open-source. Even the least expensive shared hosting plan is accompanied with a simple one-click WordPress installer, helping you dive into the world of blogging in less than 60 seconds.

But beyond that, you need a good tool to help you manage your blog successfully, keep it up-to-date, make it stand out from all the other blogs in the sea with all the fancy themes and plugins, and of course, protect it from outside threats and keep regular backups.

If you don’t think you can manage all this with your perhaps limited technical experience or simply don’t have enough time to deal with all that (as many of us don’t), you might want to consider buying a managed WordPress plan. In that case, the hosting company would deal with all the technical mumbo-jumbo so you don’t have to.

Worried about having to start all over? Don’t be. Most hosts will simply import your previous WordPress blog settings so you don’t have to start from scratch and build your blog all over again. There are usually some preinstalled themes and plugins to help you customize your blog in a clean and simple way. 

Whichever hosting service you pick, they should always have an option to update the site automatically, a security service like SiteLock to keep malware at bay, and technical support from a knowledgeable team available at all times.

The highest quality hosts even go the extra mile, with server optimization which helps boost WordPress performance, as well as fine details such as a content delivery network (CDN) to foster greater website speeds globally.

Here's our list of the best WordPress hosting services out there.

1. Bluehost

Top tier host

 Optimized low-level setup 
 Many powerful additional features 

First off, if your demands are a bit higher on the scale, you might want to choose a premium hosting plan to garner better results.

Bluehost’s proprietary VPS-based architecture yields top WordPress performances with the use of NGINX, a custom PHP-FPM setup, and intelligently allocated resources through KVM hypervisor. Basically, Bluehost devotes attention to optimizing the low-level setup of its platform for WordPress, instead of just getting along with a standard configuration.

This company doesn’t pretend to offer ‘unlimited’ sources and gets to the point immediately. The WP Standard plan will get you 30GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, and key resources - 2GB RAM, two CPU cores allotted to you only, not shared with anyone else. So what you see is what you get.

Bluehost offers premium features such as SiteLock Pro to fend off that pesky malware, SiteLock CDN to increase your website speed, a dedicated IP, and ManageWP which allows for managing multiple sites.

However Bluehost is far from being cheap. Even its baseline Standard plan which will initially cost you $19.99 (£15.20) per month rises to $39.99 (£28.60) after the first term. However, keep in mind that you are getting quite a sweet deal, especially if power is what you want, and Bluehost does offer a lot of it.

If that’s what’s most important to you, Bluehost can deliver even more with its Ultimate plan. This top-of-the-notch plan will provide you with as many as four CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 240GB storage and a mind-blowing 4TB bandwidth. SiteLock Enterprise will combine its security features and CDN to give you the safest and fastest website experience possible. But there’s more - all the packages come with complimentary SSL. This powerful plan will cost you $49.99 (£35.70) per month at first, only to increase to $129.99 (£93) after that period. 

And to put your mind at ease, Bluehost promises a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re less than satisfied with their service.

2. Tsohost

Perfect for UK customers

 Good value for money 
 Round-the-clock support on basic plan 
 Not many extras 

If you don’t want to or can’t afford to pay too much for the pricier WordPress packages, or just aren’t sure if you believe the enthusiastic claims and don’t feel like testing them out, there are better solutions for you out there.

One of them is the UK-based Tsohost, which makes no great promises about optimized servers or malware protection. Instead, the host puts into the limelight the WordPress essentials, offering them at a decent price.

Their basic Personal plan will equip you with a free domain name, migrate your existing website, and provide you with Let’s Encrypt SSL support. To top it all off, there are no limits on bandwidth. All this comes with daily backup options and around-the-clock support.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages such as only five 200MB mailboxes, 500MB of storage, and 25,000 views per month. But this is hardly unexpected for a plan with a price tag of only $1.99 (£1.49) a month paid annually, or $1.79 (£1.34) if you pay for two years immediately.

If that’s not enough for you, then we suggest the Startup plan, which offers 100 mailboxes (up to 200MB), 15GB storage, and up to 100,000 views over up to three hosted websites. This is available at a price of $5.1 (£3.82) per month, $4.16 (£3.16) paid annually, or $3.85 (£2.92) a month if you sign up for a two years period.

The Business plan offers more. If you sign up for this plan, you will get 50GB of storage, 500,000 page views, and a hundred 1GB mailboxes for $11.71 (£8.78) per month, $9.66 per month paid annually, or $8.68 per month paid biennially.

Tsohost’s ultimate (and most expensive) plan is eCommerce plan, and it will cost you $31.99 (£23.98) per month, $26.43 per month if you pay for a year, or $23.74 per month if you pay biennially. It offers the top features including 100GB storage, an unlimited amount of 10GB mailboxes, as well as 1,000,000 page views.

The service doesn’t come with the fancy additional features like some others do, such as SiteLock, a custom CDN, or optimized add-ons, but at this price, its offerings are pretty decent. With Tsohost, you get an efficient service catering to the needs of smaller sites perfectly.

3. InMotion Hosting

Widest range of plans

 Baseline plans have essential features 
 Reliable hosting provider 
 Not exactly the cheapest 

Unlike some hosting companies that offer quite a small range of plans (sometimes even with an agenda behind it to draw you to the plan they actually want you to choose), InMotion Hosting offers as many as six WordPress plans. 

Whether you own a small personal blog, or you’re a major enterprise, there’s a range of plans to choose from, although it might entail a longer decision-making process. Don’t get discouraged though - at least these options give you room to upgrade or downgrade according to the situation.

Moreover, InMotion’s baseline packages don’t exclude key features, unlike some other hosts’ plans. For example, their basic WP-1000S plan, for which you’ll initially pay $7.26 (£5.55) per month if you sign up for two years (or $8.29 for one year), comes with as much as 40GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth and mailboxes, preinstalled WordPress, SSL, automatic updates, and backups. That’s not all as InMotion Hosting also threw SiteLock security, cPanel site management, BoldGrid, and WP-CLI into the mix. The only disadvantage is it supports only 20,000 monthly page views.

Should you choose to upgrade, you’ll get some sweet additional features, such as premium themes and plugin subscriptions, a dedicated IP address, multiple-sites hosting support, and more resources. For instance, the ultimate WP-6000S plan, which costs $119.28 (£91.55) a month for one year, will set you up with support for 1,200,000 monthly visitors across up to 20 sites.

If you’re still not convinced, InMotion Hosting offers an unmatched 90-day money-back guarantee to test out their services and see for yourself just how valuable they are.

4. 1&1

Best hosting for beginners

 Attractive price for first year 
 SSL and free domain 
 24/7 support including phone 

1&1 is one of the largest hosting companies in the world, and is a solid choice for users of all levels.

There are three plans to choose from. The baseline plan is the best for beginners, available at the price of $1.40 (£0.99) per month during the first year and $7 (£4.99) after that initial period. This plan will give you more than many of its contenders, including 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, monthly views, and mailboxes.

With 1&1, you get the essential WordPress management functions, including a setup wizard, preinstalled plugins, automatic updates, and round-the-clock support, which can also be reached via telephone.

The solid platform encompasses NGINX, PHP 7.2, OPcache, and up to 2GB RAM. And that’s not all there is, and you’ll also get free SSL and domain.

After your initial year has gone, you can either renew and stick with the same plan, or upgrade to a better one, such as the Unlimited plan. Just like its name says, there are no limits on certain features such as websites, storage space, the number of databases (up to 1GB though), views, mailboxes, and SFTP accounts. At the price of $9.80 (£6.99) a month initially and $14 (£9.99) on renewal, the plan also includes some of the more advanced elements, such as a CDN and SiteLock malware scanning.

5. HostGator

Most versatile host

 Free site migration 
 Automatic malware identification and removal 
 CDN included 

Although choosing the best WordPress hosting plan seems complicated and discouraging, don’t lose faith. There are simpler solutions if you don’t have any special requirements. One of them is HostGator, a trusted company offering medium-range plans most users find adequate.

The pricing is fair, so their Starter package comes at a price of $5.95 (£4.25) for three years, $9.95 (£7.10) afterwards, and includes a free site migration, an SSL certificate, automatic malware detection and elimination, unlimited email addresses, storage, and bandwidth, as well as support for up to 100,000 monthly visits.

Upgrading to the top Business plan will supply you with more CPU power, support up to three sites, and 500,000 monthly visits, all for just $9.95 (£7.10) per month for the first three years, and $22.95 (£16.40) afterwards.

Increase your website’s speed with smart caching and a CDN included, all accompanied with 24/7 technical support and extra features including free domain privacy which safeguards against identity theft and minimizes spam.

To round off its service, HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re not quite satisfied with the service.

Image Credit: David M G / Shutterstock