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5G can solve worldwide 4G congestion

(Image credit: O2)

One of 5G’s key selling points is obviously the download and upload speed it offers, but that’s not the only major advantage this new mobile internet technology will bring.

It will also solve consistency problems, and according to Opensignal’s new report, the whole world suffers consistency problems, at least to some extent.

The company’s latest report claims that 4G download speeds vary throughout the day. They are usually faster when the majority of people are asleep, and drop during the day.

The report says that the Czech Republic is the most consistent, with its speed fluctuating a ‘mere’ 20 per cent throughout the day. According to the report, that’s not enough for the majority of users to feel any significant change. European countries are generally pretty stable in their 4G speeds. A total of 77 countries were analysed, and ‘established 4G powerhouses’ in Asia and Europe, South Africa and North America were most consistent.

The US didn’t do that good, though. It landed ‘in the middle’ of the consistency rankings, which will make the country ‘very interesting to watch’ in the next year, when first 5G networks start popping up.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Asia Pacific region, which shows ‘the greatest differences in download experience’. While South Korea and Singapore have speeds above 40 Mbps, India and Thailand can’t reach double digits.

Latin American countries are also generally moving towards the bottom half. Of the 12 countries, Chile has the fastest speeds during non-peak hours, and the slowest speeds during peak hours.

Image Credit: O2