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5G could give enterprise IT a huge boost

(Image credit: O2)

5G is set to give enterprise IT a significant boost, according to a new report from telecoms firm Nokia. 

Based on a poll of 1,000 IT decision-makers, the report states that businesses are already very familiar with the benefits of the new technology. While some are already using it and are “highly satisfied” with the service, others are waiting for the technology to enter the mainstream before jumping aboard.

Less than a third of respondents, meanwhile, said they need to learn more about 5G’s value before coming to a conclusion.

In most cases, businesses are interested in how 5G can be applied in the context of video, considered the technology’s “killer app”. Almost half, according to the report, are interested in 5G-enhanced video monitoring as a short-term opportunity.

Video alerts, remote controlled machines and connected cars are also considered exciting potential applications.

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven a powerful catalyst for 5G adoption, according to Nokia, with operators around the world “ramping up their 5G network rollouts, exploring new use cases and business models.”

“We anticipate requirements born out of the Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate longer-term 5G plans with a focus on digitisation, automation and analytics, which perfectly lend themselves to physical distancing, monitoring and remote working,” said Josh Aroner, Vice President, Marketing at Nokia’s service provider business.

“Now we have a better understanding of what is happening in the network, there is a clear call to action for CSPs to invest in vertical expertise and guide their enterprise customers with more 5G education," he added.