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5G offers plenty of benefit to consumers, Ericsson says

(Image credit: O2)

Contrary to popular relief, consumers are ready – and willing – to pay a premium to be able to use 5G on their smartphones, new research has found.

A report released today by Ericsson which aims to “bust industry myths” surrounding 5G claims that users are willing to pay up to 20 per cent extra to use 5G, and half of early adopters don’t mind paying as much as 32 per cent extra for the service.

This ‘myth’, as Ericsson calls it, was busted next to another one – that there are no short-term benefits for consumers. The report says that consumers expect 5G to rid them of urban network congestion. In megacities, six in 10 smartphone users have reported network issues in crowded areas.  

Four in ten expect new use cases and payment models, as well as a secure 5G network, it was added.

Also, users are expected to consume more video content on the go, with the proliferation of 5G.

Jasmeet Singh Sethi, Head of ConsumerLab, Ericsson Research, says: “Through our research, we have busted four myths about consumers’ views on 5G and answered questions such as whether 5G features will require new types of devices, or whether smartphones will be the silver bullet for 5G. Consumers clearly state that they think smartphones are unlikely to be the sole solution for 5G.”

The report is based on an interview of 35,000 smartphone users, aged 15 to 69, in 22 different countries. You can find the full report on this link.

Image Credit: O2