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5G phones could come with a big price tag

(Image credit: O2)

Smartphones with support for 5G will come with dizzying price tags, according to the CEO of OnePlus. 

Pete Lau confirmed that the company plans to launch devices that will offer 5G connectivity within the next few months, but these may very well be $200 - $300 more expensive than their 4G counterparts.

It’s hard to know because there’s a lot of specifics still to look at, but it’s likely in the neighborhood of $200-300 more,” the Verge cites Lau.

Not everyone agrees, though. According to Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon, some companies may opt for a different strategy, offering premium phones with 5G connectivity at lower prices, just to gain some market share.

Amon also thinks the $200 - $300 prediction may be a bit of an overestimate.

One of the bigger challenges, for OnePlus at least, is how to make 5G work with different frequencies, making sure the device works as intended (almost) anywhere in the world.

“On the product level, it’s much more complex than 4G, so a significantly higher level of challenge, especially millimeter wave,” says Lau. “It appears impossible to make a nice-looking flagship device, for now.”

5G is the next generation in mobile connectivity, offering better speeds and more bandwidth. It is seen as a catalyst to IoT and mobile video conferencing. It is expected to hit the mainstream within the next 12 months.

Image Credit: O2