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6 video file transfer solutions you should consider

Video file transfer
(Image credit: Image Credit: Brooke Cagel / Unsplash)

With today’s advanced tech, you can shoot hours of stunning high definition content from your smartphone. However, even though it’s easier than ever to capture amazing videos, they still take up a huge amount of data, so transferring the footage you’ve captured—or videos from other sources—can be a real pain. 

To address the challenge of sharing and storing videos, we’ve collected the best video file transfer solutions available right now. Through advanced cloud technologies, these platforms provide a seamless experience in moving videos between devices. 

Even though these video file transfer tools do everything over the web, there’s no need to worry about security. All of the services we have included make use of encryption protocols to ensure that your videos can only be opened on the device you are sending them to. What’s more, many enable you to take full control over the permissions associated with each transferred file.

Video file transfer

The Digital Pigeon platform supports multi-user management so that you know exactly who will be able to modify or access the videos you send (Image credit: Digital Pigeon)

1. Digital Pigeon

Send videos of any size conveniently

File size limit: 50 to over 200GB | Encryption:: SSL | Privacy: Advanced account

Create your own transfer portal branding
Advanced user management
Extremely pricey
Starter plan includes just one user

Digital Pigeon is a file-sharing platform that caters to the needs of demanding enterprise users and works great for transferring videos. Its prices vary from $15 to $249 per month, and the top-tier subscription supports file transfers of over 200GB—more than adequate, even if you have a lengthy 4K video to send.

With support for up to 20 users, Digital Pigeon is an excellent way to transfer videos between multiple people and would be ideal for anyone who needs to share footage professionally, for example, with clients or a large team of editors. Digital Pigeon offers 1080p previews of files so you don’t even have to download anything if you want to play back a video to a device without sufficient storage. 

Video file transfer

MASV can integrate with numerous productivity tools including Google Drive and Slack (Image credit: MASV)


Pay-as-you-go video transfers

File size limit: No limit | Encryption: AES 256-bit | Privacy: Comprehensive password protection

Straightforward file receipt portal
Customize with your own branding
Pricey if you need to send long HD videos
Storage costs are additional

Are you after a minimalist tool capable of sending enormous files at super high speeds? Then MASV could be the best video file transfer solution for you. With this provider, you get up to 1Gbps upload and download speeds and the capacity to handle multi-terabyte files.

But the best thing about MASV is arguably its pay-as-you-go billing system, which charges $0.25 per gigabyte sent. Although this will get expensive if you regularly need to transfer enormous files, anyone working with smaller files and occasional transfers is sure to save cash versus paying a monthly subscription fee. 

Video file transfer

Smash streamlines the process of transferring videos and other files (Image credit: Smash)

3. Smash

Incredibly intuitive video transfers

File size limit: No limit | Encryption: AES-256 plus SSL/TLS | Privacy: Automatic file deletion

Can be used for free
Includes file storage
Free storage is limited to 14 days
Large transfers slowed down for free users

Smash markets itself as “the simplest way to send big files”, and that claim is fair, given that you can simply load up the Smash homepage and begin transferring a file without even registering for an account.

Whether or not you pay for the service, you’ll be able to transfer files of any size, but if you subscribe for $60 or $120 per year, your files will be retained on Smash’s servers for 365 days and you’ll be able to track transfers in real-time. 

Video file transfer

FileWhopper was created to help you transfer files that are too large for other services (Image credit: FileWhopper)

4. FileWhopper

An easy way to send content

File size limit: No limit | Encryption: Not specified | Privacy: Auto-deletion after download

Simultaneous uploads for efficiency
Free for transfers of under 5GB
Expensive if you have a big video
Can’t download in browser

FileWhopper uses a straightforward app to upload and download your videos securely. All user data is password protected and your file link will be deactivated as soon as a download begins for extra protection. 

Similar to MASV, FileWhopper charges per file rather than via a monthly subscription. Sending anything less than 5GB is free but costs are proportional to file size, so you’ll wind up paying $399.99 to send a 10TB movie.

Video file transfer

Sending a video with Filemail feels a lot like sending a regular email (Image credit: Filemail)

5. Filemail

File transfers with an interface that feels familiar

File size limit: 50GB | Encryption: HTTPS plus AES-256 | Privacy: Delivery tracking and two-factor authentication

See when your video is received
Integrates into your own website
Storage capped at 100GB with the starter plan
Doesn’t work for huge video files

Traditional email is a great way to share files simply, but most providers, such as Gmail, have restrictive limits to prevent you from attaching data-intensive video files. The Filemail platform interface looks a lot like a regular email system, but you can use it to transfer files of up to 50GB in size. That makes Filemail ideal for mid to large-sized video transfers. 

Filemail is one of the most flexible services on this list as videos transferred through it can be downloaded via web browsers, torrents, FTP, or the Filemail desktop app. This provider is also highly secure, enabling you to use password protection and two-factor authentication to guarantee that only your intended recipient is able to access your video file.

Video file transfer

Give your whole business video sending capability with Media Shuttle (Image credit: Signiant Media Shuttle)

6. Signiant Media Shuttle

Enterprise-grade file transfers

File size limit: No limit | Encryption: AES-256 plus TLS | Privacy: File portal administration and access control

Multiple file transfer portals to choose from
Advanced customization
Not suitable for single users
Pricing by request only

If you run a team that needs to regularly transfer large video files, have a close look at Signiant’s Media Shuttle package. Media Shuttle is designed to facilitate file transfers throughout an entire business and comes with a centralized control system in the form of an intuitive dashboard where you can set member permissions and view transfer history.

As this is an enterprise-oriented platform, you can customize your Media Shuttle installation to meet your unique needs. For example, you can request an on-premises storage option to save costs and improve security.