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85 per cent of organisations consider adopting SD-WAN

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A new study from Versa Networks (opens in new tab) has revealed that 85 per cent of companies are considering adopting SD-WAN (opens in new tab) to increase their security and reduce network complexity. 

The company's new report, “SD Wan Adoption is Accelerating to Reduce Security Risk (opens in new tab)” explores how organisations are dealing with securing the corporate WAN which many network professionals see as their top challenge. 

The global study, which was conducted by Dimensional Research, found that respondents see growing complexity as a top issue to securing and managing branch networks.  Of those surveyed, 74 per cent said that they utilise a direct internet connection and must simultaneously deploy more devices to combat growing threats and other risks. 

Deploying more devices has placed added constraints on organisations and provisioning new branch locations now takes more than a third (32%) of surveyed organisations longer than a month.  Additionally, 54 per cent of organisations revealed that their branch networks had experienced a security breach. 

These growing challenges have led more than 85 per cent of companies to consider SD-WAN as a solution to their security and network complexity problems with 93 per cent preparing to deploy SD-WAN by the end of 2019.  These numbers are significantly higher than those from a similar survey conducted in November 2016 which saw 68 per cent of organisations considering SD-WAN adoption.  However, lack of technology expertise and qualified personnel were the key obstacles holding organisations back from adopting the technology. 

Head of Product Marketing of Versa Networks, Rob McBride (opens in new tab) explained why WAN security has become a top priority for enterprises, saying: 

“Not surprising is that the move to multi-cloud and SaaS is revealing additional attack vectors that have also created a more treacherous threat environment for the enterprise. Consequently, the explosion of multi-cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications that are driving today’s rapidly evolving network have also caused WAN security to be a top priority for numerous network professionals. The results of our survey clearly indicate that enterprises want to reduce complexity, but at the same time, they are deploying a multitude of devices to combat security threats, which paradoxically adds to the existing network complexity.” 

Image Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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