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A fifth of UK workforce received a Covid-19-themed phishing email

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More than a fifth of UK employees received at least one Covid-19-themed phishing email over the past few of months, a new report from Webroot claims.

The report argues that an increase in the number of emails received - up 34 percent worldwide year-on-year - could result in work fatigue and increase vulnerability to phishing attacks.

At the same time, both businesses and consumers feel a misplaced sense of confidence in their ability to shield themselves against phishing.

Three quarters of UK respondents believe they know enough to keep themselves and their personal data safe - more than in any other country surveyed for the report.

However, two thirds are known to open emails from unknown senders, which is not exactly best practice when it comes to cybersecurity. Employees also use personal devices for work and work devices for personal matters, and many don’t backup their data, despite 36 percent having recovered lost files since the pandemic began.

“With mass work from home, an influx of emails and a general ‘always connected’ attitude, there are more opportunities for cybercriminals than ever before," said Nick Emanuel, Senior Director of Product at Webroot.

"Businesses and consumers must prioritize cyber resilience and recognize that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect their data."