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Lack of digitally literate leaders could put digital transformation at risk

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In order to better ascertain the current and future state of digital transformation across the globe, ISACA conducted its 2017 Digital Transformation Barometer (opens in new tab), revealing that only half (53 percent) of the business technology professionals surveyed think their organisation's leadership is digitally literate. 

The global IT governance, risk and audit organisation conducted its study during the second quarter of 2017 and surveyed 4,164 information technology, security and business executives from a wide range of industries across both large and small businesses.    

Matt Loeb, ISACA's CEO offered further details on the results of the research saying: 

“With this research, ISACA’s global membership provides a digital transformation reality check that assesses actual technology adoption plans, levels of sentiment of support and concern, and monetary commitments to deploy emerging technology by geography and industry. The resounding message from our research is clear: senior leadership needs to invest in increasing its digital fluency. Organizations with digitally fluent leadership are more clearly recognizing the benefits and risks of emerging technologies.”  

The study also found that 47 per cent of those surveyed lack confidence that their leaders are digitally literate which is quite concerning at a time when organisations worldwide are pursuing their own digital transformation (opens in new tab).    

When it comes to emerging technologies such as AI, less than half of the organisations that participated in ISACA's study believe their senior leadership is receptive to their adoption while half of leadership teams were considered moderately receptive.    

The full research report along with a related infographic is available here (opens in new tab) and could be useful to organisations reviewing their own digital transformation progress. 

Image Credit: Wichy / Shutterstock

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