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A quarter of Britons have had personal data lost or stolen

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A quarter of UK’s citizens have had their personal data either stolen, or lost in the last year. 

A new report by Fujitsu, called ‘Driving a Trusted Future in a Radically Changing World’, based on a poll of more than 2,000 consumers and 600 business leaders in the UK says that governance and trust in technology are the key two elements which will drive positive change.

Respondents are saying they’re worried about their data being used without their knowledge, or consent. Some are worried about personal data being used and shared around the web.  

At the same time, business leaders are becoming increasingly aware that by mishandling data, they’re risking their entire business. That’s why they’ve identified regulation and governance, technological innovation and cyberattacks as their biggest pain points, at the moment.

Almost half of the respondents agree that we’re all becoming all too reliant on technology. Business leaders agree, saying organisations are on the same path, as well. This reliance changes how people live and how businesses operate. Almost a third of the UK public said they could only live comfortably without personal technology for one to three days.

“Data security is clearly a top-of-mind issue for the UK public as they become more aware of how organisations are using their data, but it is concerning that such a large number of Britons have been affected by some form of breach,” commented Paul McEvatt, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager at Fujitsu UK.

“It is equally worrying that so many people do not read the terms and conditions properly which could make them ill-informed about how a breach may affect them. Businesses have a responsibility to be clear and honest with how they are using their customers’ data and should have security at the forefront of their operations. As both businesses and consumers become more reliant on technology, cybersecurity will be one of the key drivers to building trust.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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