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A third of Brits have experienced cybercrime

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UK's citizens are on high alert when it comes to their cybersecurity posture, a new report from Norton says. At the same time, most of them are willing to sacrifice their security, to some extent, for convenience.

They're also happy to share (either for free, or for money) some of their personal information, like their location or search history.

Norton's EMEA VP and General Manager, Nick Shaw, says it was the GDPR that raised UK citizens' awareness about data privacy, but stresses that consumers are 'still' willing to trade their data for 'perks'.

“Our cyber safety is inherently tied to trust,” said Samir Kapuria, executive vice president and general manager, Consumer Digital Safety, Symantec. “Most consumers are aware their data is being captured from the websites they visit, the social media they share and the apps they use, and trust their information is being properly secured. However, these same consumers are often unaware how and why data is captured and what companies do with it. The sheer amount of personal information being collected about us shows no signs of slowing and there is greater value placed on it than ever before.”

Consumers see data protection as a right, the report says, with British consumers not willing to pay extra to organisations, in order to keep their data safe. Generally speaking, they don't trust social media providers with their data, but do embrace data sharing.

Younger consumers are more 'trigger-happy' and quicker to delete their social media accounts, as well.

Image source: Shutterstock/AlexLMX

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