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Accenture reveals all on today's biggest cyberthreats

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In its latest Cyber Threatscape Report 2018 (opens in new tab), Accenture examines trends in cyber threats observed and analysed during the first half of the year and explores how cyber incidents may evolve over the next six months.

The report predicts that Iran-based cyber-threat activity will escalate, attacks on global supply chains will become broader, critical infrastructure will be targeted more and that financially motivated cybercrime will continue to increase.

Accenture Security's iDefense threat intelligence operations highlighted five global security threats to watch out for during the second half of the year.

The firm revealed that the Iranian cyber threat is indeed real based on new evidence which shows Iran-based threat actors and state-sponsored groups are expanding their malicious activities and capabilities.

Supply chains have now become a target for cybercriminal espionage and hacktivist groups looking to gain monetarily, strategically and politically.

Critical infrastructure is a tempting high-value target for threat actors and the oil and natural gas industry will continue to remain an attractive target for threat actors throughout the second half of 2018.

Miner malware has been one of the largest growth areas in cybercrime this year and this will likely continue into 2019.

Advanced persistent threat (APT) operations have become more financially motivated and have moved away from being primarily used for espoinage.

Managing Director at Accenture Security, Josh Ray offered further insight on how organisations can combat today's growing threats, saying:

“Our threat intelligence teams have spent the last 20 years keeping close track of threat actors and cyber crooks and the creative ways they might try to break into networks. To protect against these emerging threats and respond if they should fall victim to an attack, organizations must be proactive in thinking about business risk on a day-to-day basis. Learning from previous incidents and understanding what is coming next based on timely and actionable threat intelligence is key to keeping data and systems safe.” 

Image Credit: BeeBright / Shutterstock

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