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AI could be critical to help your business succeed

(Image credit: Image Credit: John Williams RUS / Shutterstock)

Virtually all business leaders view artificial intelligence (AI) as critical for their company’s survival over the next half of the decade. 

A new report by SAP SE, based on a poll of 2,500 C-level execs, found that nine in ten agreed AI was set to play a pivotal role in their business. Six in ten have said that they’re either implementing, or planning to set up AI within a year. A third are looking to invest between half a million, and $5 million, into AI, also within a year.

SAP has taken this opportunity to emphasise that its S/4HANA cloud ERP offering has AI-powered automation.

“We want to automate half of all ERP business processes within the next three years using AI-powered functionality,” said Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products & Innovation.

“SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the only product in the ERP market to give companies the breadth and depth of intelligence they need to leapfrog their competitors to stay on top of their game.”

When it comes to building AI-related jobs, the UK seems to be the top location.

According to a report by Indeed, there has been a threefold increase in the demand for AI jobs in the UK. The two most sought after positions by employers were data scientists and machine learning engineers as they play a critical role in teaching machines to use and interpret data.

Image Credit: John Williams RUS / Shutterstock