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AI could be set to revolutionise UK banking

(Image credit: Image Credit: Razum / Shutterstock)

Despite the fact that many jobs will be eventually taken over by smart machines in the (near) future, some industries and positions will reman (forever) bound to the human touch.

One of these industries, according to a new report by HSBC, is banking. The Human Advantage: The Power of People report claims that not only will humans remain crucial, but there will also be six surprising new types of jobs.

The report describes roles such as Mixed Reality Experience Designer, Algorithm Mechanic, Conversional Interface Designer, Universal Service Advisor, Digital Process Engineer and Partnership Gateway Enabler.

The report also claims that there will be three core skills, which it dubs “Three Cs”: Curiosity, Creativity and Communication.

“Many of the roles and job titles of tomorrow are unknown to us today,” said Josh Bottomley, global head of digital, retail banking & wealth management, HSBC “One thing is certain, however - artificial intelligence will not replace human intelligence. Blending the best technology with the power of people will be the difference between good and great when it comes to customer experience.”  

According to the report, lifelong learning and the need to upskill employees will become essential as the shortage of skilled candidates in digital and technology disciplines continues.

Artificial intelligence is bound to make a tremendous impact on the business world, but not everyone agrees that we’ll all end up jobless.

Image Credit: Razum / Shutterstock